Capcom challenges you to find body parts in central London


Fan of Resident Evil 5? Fan of body parts? Fan of central London? Combine your passions tomorrow morning, Thursday March 12th, as Capcom leaves miscellaneous body parts strewn around the area near Trafalgar Square.

Entrants will be required to find as many body parts as possible, and take them to Westminster bridge by 11am, where you have to hold them over your head and shout “Kijuju!”. Points will be allocated for each body part found – 2 for an arm, 2 for a leg, 3 for a torso and 5 for a head.

The players with the most points at 11am win a “trip of a lifetime” to Africa. Tech Digest will be there in force, trying to win it for ourselves, so we’ll see you there!

(via Capcom)

How to hack roadsigns to display whatever you like


You know those signs that litter the hard shoulder of motorways, warning oncoming motorists about ice, or telling them to slow down? Well, if you fancy some fun early one morning, how about hacking one to display something different?

It’s startlingly easy, as this tutorial from iHacked demonstrates. It even gives a password reset method, if the workers have changed the default configuration. What would you change it to say? Suggestions in the comments.

Inside Programmable Road Signs

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