Vine comes to Xbox One

Microsoft has today announced the Vine will be coming to your telly at long last, if you have an Xbox One. The app will be optimised for TV, with gesture/voice controls and play/pause/search function. It'll also be possible to browse Vines thematically - for example, you'll be able to watch this Jeremy Vine on the…

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James O'MalleyVine comes to Xbox One

FINALLY Vine lets you use other pre-recorded videos

Vine has just pushed out a big update to its app on iPhone that unlocks a tonne of new features - including the ability to import videos you've shot previously, to upload to Vine's platform. The new update turns Vine into a fairly powerful mini video editor. In addition to importing you can trim longer…

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James O'MalleyFINALLY Vine lets you use other pre-recorded videos

Significant Vine update adds two new functions

The Twitter owned video app Vine, which enables users to share short looped videos lasting up to 6 seconds, has just added two significant new functions in a new update to the app, which was pushed out late last night….

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James O'MalleySignificant Vine update adds two new functions

Microsoft launches Vine – Twitter for emergencies


Microsoft has a new software product called Vine that it’s beta testing with a small group of users in Seattle. It’s a location-aware social networking app that lets people share information in emergencies. As a result, the focus is on ease-of-use and robustness of the network in tough conditions.

The Windows-only program sits on your desktop and gathers data from local news sources and other users. You can post short ‘alerts’ or longer ‘reports’ to it via SMS and email, and it integrates with Facebook. Soon it’ll integrate with Twitter, too.

Emergency management officials are reportedly very excited about having a new tool to inform people in disaster situations, but Microsoft also says it could be used by football teams or schools to notify of closures or schedule changes.

If you live in Seattle and want to help Microsoft beta test it, then you can sign up at If not, sit tight and with any luck it’ll be available in the UK within the next couple of years.

Vine (via Mashable)

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Duncan GeereMicrosoft launches Vine – Twitter for emergencies