Vine clip mashup app soon coming to Android after iPhone success

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vine-top-logo.jpgVine, the six-second movie making app that’s proved a smash hit on the iPhone, will be heading to the Android operating system shortly, its co-founder Dan Hofmann has confirmed.

New features are also set to hit the app, including the ability to tag friends in videos.

The app currently sits at number one on the US iTunes download chart, and has even been given its own Tribeca Film Festival category.

So what’s making the app so popular? The way it offers complex features in a simple package,Vine co-founder Dan Hofmann told The Verge.

“You need to make clear what you’re doing within a couple of minutes or people are going to forget about it forever,” said Hofmann.

“We don’t really think it’s about reducing complexity. We think it’s about concealing complexity.”

Gerald Lynch
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