Significant Vine update adds two new functions


vinethumb.pngThe Twitter owned video app Vine, which enables users to share short looped videos lasting up to 6 seconds, has just added two significant new functions in a new update to the app, which was pushed out late last night.

The new features will come as a welcome surprise to any hardcore Vine users. The first is Sessions, that enables the user to have up to 10 on-going “sessions” simultaneously.

What this means is that if you shoot a video, you don’t have to upload it immediately (great if you’re Vining somewhere that doesn’t have any phone signal), and more significantly, you can have 10 “work in progress” Vines at any one time – switching between which one you’re recording to. Great if you want to take your time putting something together.

The other new feature is what they’re calling Time Travel. This allows you to re-order the individual clips in a given Vine. Whilst you can’t add in clips from elsewhere, it does mean that you can finesse what you’ve shot to optimise how it appears.

This should be of particular interest to many of Vine’s “creatives”, who against all 6-second odds have managed to turn it into a fascinating creative platform. Check out some of the Vines in the compilation below to see some of the clever and funny things people have been making (in addition to depressing videos of people being horrible to each other and hurting themselves):

You can grab the latest update on your phone’s App Store now.

James O’Malley
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