Apple UK store down, UK iPad pricing / network details imminent?

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Take a quick look over at the UK Apple store and you'll see that it's down for maintenance. There's a short message: "We are busy updating the store for you and will be back shortly". Could some new UK iPad…

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Apple to lower iPad price to "remain nimble"?

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One of the most welcome surprises from the Apple iPad launch was its pricing. Where rumours had circulated that the iPad could cost upwards of $1,000, it was a relief when Jobs announced that an entry-level model would cost just…

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Poll: Which UK mobile network should get the iPad? Orange? O2? Vodafone?

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Ever look down at your mobile, see just one bar of 3G coverage, and wonder why you pay the extra cash to even have such dodgy connectivity? With some areas of the UK still receiving woefully poor network coverage, will…

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Apple iPad – Gallery

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Now that the dust has settled after Apple's big iPad reveal, we can sit back and take a nice close look at the tablet. While we're gagging to get our hands on one, for the time being we'll just have…

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Apple's iPad: Everything there is to know so far

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So the speculating and rumour churning is finally over. Apple have finally unveiled their tablet device and it's called the iPad. Much like a giant iPhone, it's, to be honest, more or less exactly how everyone expected it would…

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Duncan Geere iPhone, Mobile phones Leave a Comment


I must confess, when I saw the story earlier this week about selling unlocked iPhones, I was a little skeptical. It seemed rather ‘off the back of a lorry’.

Well, the company has explained where they’ve come from. European regulations insist that a sim-free version of any phone is offered, so they’ve shipped them in from the continent. Play reassures customers that they come with a ‘full manufacturer warranty’ and you’re encouraged to register it at the Apple website.

Play was vague on how well it’s selling so far, offering only the statement that “customer response so far has been very positive and orders are growing nicely”. As previously reported, the 8GB model is £550, and the 16GB will cost £600. Expensive, especially with version 3.0 only a few months away.

(via T3)

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Get an "Android Dev Phone 1" (that's a Google G1 phone) by becoming a "developer"

Andy Merrett Mobile phones 2 Comments

Thumbnail image for t-mobile-g1-android-handset2.jpg

Before you run away screaming, thinking that you’re going to have to start learning complicated programming languages and dressing a bit funny, the investment is purely one of cash.

Stump up US$25, fill in a few online forms, and Google will happily call you an Android developer. Then, stump up another US$399 (about £270 – shame the exchange rate isn’t favouring US purchases at present) for “Android Dev Phone 1″.

And what’s that?…

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French iPhones may or may not be completely unlocked

Andy Merrett iPhone 2 Comments

iphone.jpgTowards the end of last week, reports emerged that the French iPhone may not have been as fully unlocked as was first thought.

Just to bring you up to speed on the whole affair, French law prevents a mobile phone being tied exclusively to one carrier. Hence, Orange had to offer to unlock an iPhone from its network if a customer asked.

iPhone Atlas reported that foreign SIM cards could not be used with the device, although it didn’t appear to mention the source of the information.

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