Rumours detail how just 26,500 iPhones have been activated in UK, but is this accurate?

iphones-unlocked.jpgO2 and Apple are still being tight-lipped about the number of iPhone sales in the UK, but even more so, about how many activations they’ve had on the network.

Good thing The Register is here to blab to the internets however, about the gossip they wangled from ‘reliable channel sources’, that O2 has activated just 26,500 of the iBricks since it launched two weeks ago.

Either most people are unlocking them, to work…

Apple gets legal on the asses of iPod Touch hackers

ipod-touch-hacked.jpgImagine if anyone could create applications for the iPod Touch. You’d have 17 Voice-over-IP applications released for it in the blink of an eye, and then where would the iPhone be? Well, it’d be working outside Wi-Fi hotspots, but you see my point.

Anyway, the news is that Apple is cracking down hard on hackers trying to break down the iPod Touch software in order to put third-party apps on it. One codemonkey’s already been served with a takedown notice after promising to make the device’s source code available for fellow hackers.