UK iPhone fans warned off unlocked French handsets


iphone-france.jpgLots of talk in today’s papers about the prospect of hordes of Brits travelling to France to try and pick up an unlocked iPhone in the near future. It’s all because of French law, which apparently requires all phones to be offered in unlocked versions, even if the manufacturers have signed an exclusive deal with an operator (Orange, in the iPhone’s case).

However, the Telegraph quotes CSS Insight analyst Ben Woods as saying Apple won’t make it that easy for ‘iPhone tourists’. They could apparently make the unlocked iPhone price prohibitively high, make it only support the French language, or ensure that “unlocked iPhones will only work in France”. Which would be bad news for any French iPhone owners planning to roam abroad.

If Apple really wants to stop us Brits from nipping over the channel to get our iPhones, Plan B is probably the best. Most of us are barely able to ask the way to the local station in French, so would balk at trying to use an iPhone en francais

(via Telegraph)

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One thought on “UK iPhone fans warned off unlocked French handsets

  • Hmmm, Apple might end up breaking EU law if its not careful. The EU is a single market, meaning I have the right to buy goods and services in any nation in the EU……Apple look to be violating that right.

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