Get an "Android Dev Phone 1" (that's a Google G1 phone) by becoming a "developer"

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Before you run away screaming, thinking that you’re going to have to start learning complicated programming languages and dressing a bit funny, the investment is purely one of cash.

Stump up US$25, fill in a few online forms, and Google will happily call you an Android developer. Then, stump up another US$399 (about £270 – shame the exchange rate isn’t favouring US purchases at present) for “Android Dev Phone 1”.

And what’s that?

The Android Dev Phone 1 is a SIM-unlocked and hardware-unlocked device that is designed for advanced developers. The device ships with a system image that is fully compatible with Android 1.0, so you can rely on it when developing your applications. You can use any SIM in the device and can flash custom Android builds that will work with the unlocked bootloader. Unlike the bootloader on retail devices, the bootloader on the Android Dev Phone 1 does not enforce signed system images. The Android Dev Phone 1 should also appeal to developers who live outside of T-Mobile geographies.

Or, indeed, anyone who doesn’t like T-Mobile.

There’s a disclaimer, of course, namely:

Android Dev Phone 1 devices are not intended for non-developer end users. Since the devices can be configured with system software not provided by or supported by Google or any other company, end users operate these devices at their own risk.

Nothing like a bit of risk in exchange for freedom.

Android Developer Devices (via Absolute Gadget)

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