French iPhones may or may not be completely unlocked


Towards the end of last week, reports emerged that the French iPhone may not have been as fully unlocked as was first thought.

Just to bring you up to speed on the whole affair, French law prevents a mobile phone being tied exclusively to one carrier. Hence, Orange had to offer to unlock an iPhone from its network if a customer asked.

iPhone Atlas reported that foreign SIM cards could not be used with the device, although it didn’t appear to mention the source of the information.

Now iLounge has spoken to France Telecom’s Louis-Michel Aymard, who confirmed that a legally unlocked iPhone can be used with foreign SIM cards, though some features such as Visual Voicemail probably won’t work abroad.

However, this could all change, because we know that company representatives don’t always tell the whole story, or are misquoted, or something else comes up.

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Andy Merrett
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  • The phone IS unlocked, however a software issue causes the phone and sms applications to crash.

    The issue needs to be addressed by Apple not Orange.

    Jailbreaking and applying iWorld setting fix this problem, but this is of course not an acceptable workaround for users who have paid 749.00 Euro’s for an unlocked phone. The two software apps need an update to their configuration files to not crash.

    So without this unofficial fix, de facto the phone is unlocked but not usable EXCEPT in UK, US, France and Germany

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