Got £4,500 spare next year? Now you can buy five iPhones at once


Good news for those of you that really love the iPhone so much that you need more than one (or you’re incredibly generous). Apple has raised the per-customer limit from two to five iPhones, worldwide.

That means you have the joy of handing over at least £3,150 to O2 over the next year-and-a-half, plus the cost of the iPhones themselves.

Unless, of course, you are an accurate portrayal of the statistic which suggests that around 20% of iPhones are sold for the express purpose of unlocking. In which case you’ll only need around £3,865. Bargain.

Speculation is that the limit on iPhones was never really anything to do with Apple trying to restrict the number of devices destined to be hacked and untethered from their exclusive mobile network, but in fact was just stock control. Now that Christmas is nearly here, Apple would like people to buy as many iPhones as possible.

You still can’t pay with cash, though.

(Via iPhonic)

Andy Merrett
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