Nokia Booklet 3G notebook hits the shops

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nokia booklet 3g.jpgIt’s been knocking about in Germany since October, but the Nokia Booklet 3G has finally hit the shores of old Blighty.

It Features an excellent 12 hour battery, a 720p display on a 10.1 inch screen and a Windows 7 starter pack. However, the Nokia Booklet 3G also has a few unique features all of its own.

Firstly, there’s built-in mobile 3G internet on board, meaning you can be web-connected anywhere a 3G signal is present. It’ll run off of any SIM card, but you’ll likely want to pick one up with an unlimited data deal.

Also, further blurring the lines between smartphones and computers, the Nokia Booklet 3G has access to Nokia’s Ovi Store, meaning you can run a wide range of mobile apps off of your desktop too.

It’s got some interesting touches to make it stand out from the pack, but considering there’s no dedicated graphics chip on-board here, it’s not cheap; you can pick up the Nokia Booklet 3G from Nokia’s UK store, priced at a pocket emptying £649.

Gerald Lynch
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