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At the end of January this year, announced the release of its latest mobile phone app. The new app has been redesigned to include a range of new features to provide customers with an even more 'convenient travel experience'. A standout feature of the app is that it now allows access in airplane mode to update and rearrange rentals. This is as well as allowing you to 'travel at the speed of Hertz' wherever you are at any time of day.

Hertz continues to make the whole process of car rental easy and pain-free, so it is not difficult to see why it has become so successful. The redesigned app is seemingly another step up the ladder in terms of useability.

So what are the new app's features?

Hertz says in promotional material that the app adapts more readily to the differing screen sizes of each mobile device. It also speeds up reservation times and avid users of previous incarnations of the Hertz app will notice how much more slick and immediate the user interface is.


The latest version has fixed these issues from the passed app and now reserving a car no longer require a diversion to the Hertz website and persistent login.

Hertz have thankfully kept what was great about the old app. This includes: the range of special offers and frequent deals, the Quick Access to Roadside Assistance and the ability to find nearby locations, and the innovative Hertz e-Return service. Similarly, the aforementioned 'Travelling at the Speed of Hertz' service now offers "Carfirmation", Hertz's email and SMS text service for use by Hertz Gold customers. This confirms reservations, as well as advising of a car's location.

The Carfirmation function on the new app has been upgraded to show other cars that are available, allowing Gold customers to select the car that they want.

Hertz continues to make the whole process of car rental increasingly easy and pain-free, so it is not difficult to see why it has become so successful. The redesigned app is seemingly another step up the ladder in terms of useability and functionality.

This article has been written with the help of Hertz UK


There are so many 4G phones to choose from it can be hard to know where to start. To make matters more difficult, many of them are nearly identical thanks to the ubiquity of Android... so how can you be confident you're getting what is right for you when you're picking up a 4G phone? Here are some top tips...


If you like swimming...


The Sony Xperia Z1 is an Android device like no other - because unlike the iPhone, this phone is actually waterproof. Sporting a full HD 5" screen it's a high powered device - with a 2.2ghz Snapdragon processor on in the inside. The camera is decent too - at 20 megapixels, meaning that next time you're in the pool you should be able to get some really cool underwater shots.

If you have massive hands...


The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is the South Korean giant's flagship "plablet" - half way between a phone and a tablet. Unlike other 4G handsets, this phone comes with a stylus for handwriting recognition on it's monster 5.7" 1080p HD screen.

Whilst perfect for those with large hands, there is a concession for those with smaller digits: if you need to use it one handed, you can enable "small mode", which shrinks the screen down to something the size of a normal phone - so you can reach with your thumb when typing.

If you like to type...


Let's face it - phones with keyboards are going the way of the Dodo, but that doesn't mean you can't have one last meal of Dodo a l'Orange. The Blackberry Q5 is one of the few 4G LTE phones available that has a physical keyboard. The trade off is a more limited range of apps (no Vine or Instagram here), but if email is what you need, then the Q5 should serve you well.

If you're not a burglar...


Okay, so I admit these are getting pretty tenuous. But if you don't mind leaving your fingerprints all over the place, why not try the iPhone 5S? The first phone with built in fingerprint recognition, you can use your digits to unlock your device, or make purchases from the app store with having to faff about with passwords.

The other benefit is that unlike all of the other phones listed here, which run Android, you'll get to use the slightly slicker iOS operating system, which is unique to iPhones and is arguably slightly nicer to use.

If you have sticky hands...


The Samsung Galaxy S4 is another of the flagship 4G Smartphones. A powerful device in it's own right, what makes the S4 unique is that it has some built in motion tracking of your fingers, so you can operate some apps without actually touching the screen - instead, waving your fingers in front of it, Minority Report style.

So if you've got a job where your hands are otherwise engaged in dirty work, be it mechanic or cake decorator, you can still read your Facebook without having to wash your hands first. Brilliant.

How can I try these out?

So we've featured a bunch of different phones here - but how can you really find out which 4G phone is for you? Our friends at Gizmodo are running a competition with EE, to find people to test a different phone every month. You can find details on the competition here.

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TalkTalkBusiness.pngSponsored post

Many small and medium sized businesses find themselves in a tricky situation today. They need to expand their IT and communications offerings, but don't have the technical staff or the expertise to achieve this.

One reason for this is that it can be very  expensive acquiring IT and communications solutions - not good news especially at times when budgets are tight.

However, help is at hand in the form of hosted solutions - also known as cloud computing. In a little over half a decade, demand for hosted solutions has spawned a multi-billion pound, rapid-growth industry. 

Inspired by the launch of Amazon Web Service in 2006, a multitude of providers have brought cloud-based offerings to market in the UK. IDC expects global turnover to rise from £13.6 billion in 2010 to £46.3 billion in 2015, at a growth rate of 27.6%, while indirect income from the cloud is forecast to total £700 billion per annum within four years, supporting 14 million jobs worldwide

One provider that is offering an innovative new hosted solution is UK communications provider Talk Talk Business. It is working with businesses by offering them a suite of Business Grade Hosted Solutions that gives them the features and functionality their business needs, without them having to purchase equipment and technology. The offerings are scaleable too, so as a business grows, or even contracts, so can the depth of the solutions.

Talk Talk Business is fulfilling this demand with a service that provides a Hosted Data Centre, Call Centre and Call Recording - all designed to make life for SME business owners significantly easier while enabling them to keep better control over IT and comms costs.

Take the Data Centre - it is a scalable solution that can easily expand in-line with a business' hosting needs. Talk Talk Business believes that it dramatically reduces connectivity expenses while at the same time ensuring that the business owner is secure in the knowledge that they are using an innovative data centre infrastructure that uses the latest technology and is protected by the highest security standards.

Talk Talk Business is also offering a Hosted Contact Centre which is controlled by Talk Talk. So there's no additional equipment that the business has to invest in. It is a solution that enables business owners to make informed decisions, route calls efficiently and manage different sites and remote workers - wherever they are.

As part of its Business Grade Hosted Solutions Talk Talk also offers Hosted Call Recording, and Hosted Unified Communications too.

So if you are looking for an innovative, inexpensive and highly effective comms and IT offering then contact Talk Talk.

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The best and most modern broadband is that which is wireless. In an age where not just your computer, but your phone, tablet and laptop are all connected to the internet, getting the right wireless broadband is essential.

Yet you still need a decent connection. If you have a poor connection coming in, it doesn't matter how good your wireless service is. There is where you should look for the likes of Virgin fibre optic broadband, to give you the best of all these options.

The perfect deal

The main appeal of Virgin broadband, besides the high speed internet access itself, is that it allows you to mix and match deals to suit your needs. If you're after fast, wireless options, for instance, these are all easily customisable. Likewise if you're after TV and other Virgin Media options; it can all be added together to make one package designed around you. To compare broadband, find out more or see what else is on offer, look at their website.

Going wireless

The benefit of Virgin broadband is that it gives you access to all Virgin's addition quality services. Broadband options start from just £17.50 a month, which gives you access to the Virgin super hub. This little router is what gives you the best service; it takes the high speed broadband you expect and converts into a strong wireless signal that benefits the whole house.

The wireless signal allows more devices to access the router and, thus, the internet. If you have various devices to connect, and are paying for larger bandwidth to accommodate this, then this is something you'll want. Being able to save on messy cables is an added bonus, too.


Virgin broadband is available in three speeds; those of up to 30mb, those of up to 60mb and those reaching 100mb. Of course, it helps to know which is right for you. Whilst 30mb will suffice for a couple of people, families or more internet-dependant households may need 60mb to cope with the extra data traffic. If you want the very best, then you want to opt for the 100mb packages available.

All this can still be customised with the other options available, meaning you can easily take the fast connection you want and combine it with wireless broadband from Virgin. With further offers available, such as getting your first 6 months free, you can make the package even more tempting.

The end result, of course is getting the right internet for your home. With the option to choose from different speeds and wireless internet, as well as additional extras, it's a tailor-made service that gives you exactly what you're looking for, rather than charging you for extras you're not going to use.

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Thumbnail image for cellhire-logo29.jpgWith rumours that the Apple iWatch is nearing a potential release date, it can now be assumed that the controversial plan to manufacture a cheap iPhone has been scrapped by Apple.

During a speech on Tuesday, Apple CEO, Tim Cook said that: "There are other companies that do that, that's not who we are. Our North Star is great products." Although the news of a cheaper handset was welcomed by some consumers, especially those that cannot afford the latest iPhones, it is now understood that Apple feel a cheaper phone may inadvertently lead to a cheaper brand.

They have however come up with a compromise; by lowering the price of their current phones. Only last December Apple lowered the price of the iPhone 4 after the release of the iPhone 5, resulting in a level of demand that far outstripped supply. Cook himself even stated how surprised the company were at the resulting demand. The smartphone market currently sells around 700 million units a year, a figure that is set to double within three years.

The iPhone holds a 9.2% share in all mobile phones sold worldwide. Despite Apple declaring cheaper phones for all, Gartner's quarterly Market Share Analysis: Mobile Phones, Worldwide report shows that Samsung's fourth quarter 2012 sales totalled 65.5 million handsets; compared to Apple's 43.5 million. The increase of sales in Android devices meant that in the final quarter of 2012, iOS market share fell from 23.6% in 2011 to 20.9% in 2012.

But what could have caused this?

Gartner state that Samsung's huge resources were key to their 2012 success: "Samsung's resources and ability to build a broad market reach is an advantage that no other competitor can easily match. However, the competition will intensify in 2013 as players such as Sony and Nokia improve."

Although Samsung are able to celebrate a great 2012, since the death of Steve Jobs Apple has struggled to maintain its sleek image with recurring human rights issues in China, alongside the Apple Maps troubles which blighted much of 2012 - and ultimately forcing a personal letter of explanation to come from Cook himself. What does this mean for consumers?

With so much competition now in the market from the likes of Nokia, Samsung and Blackberry, there has never been such a range of choice available from leading brands. Smartphones can be expensive to run, and there are very few ways in which consumers can save money. While you can of course rent international SIM cards from companies like Cellhire when you go on holiday, there are relatively few ways to save money on the handsets themselves. Increased competition among the top four brands can only benefit the wallets of consumers; with quality brands such as Apple now focusing on lowering their prices there could be some very interesting fluctuations in the market as 2013 unfolds.

In Association With SIMSmart Pre Paid
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Mobile Banking.jpgSponsored post

Mobile technology is all about portability, of course. But more than that, it's about the convenience and accessibility that this portability brings.

Equal to the convenience of instant communication is the ability to perform tasks which once took time - and possibly required taking to the high street and joining the back of a queue. One way that mobile technology puts this power of accessibility in your pocket - and more in charge of your financial life - is with mobile banking services.

Red alert - and managing on the move

At its most basic, mobile phone banking is simply a convenient way of keeping in touch with where your finances are. Many banks offer the opportunity to get text message alerts which remind you about certain aspects of your account usage. For example, a weekly notification of your balance, or warning if you go close to your overdraft limit. Generally, you can configure these text alerts to suit your lifestyle - in terms of personalising amounts and timings, for example.

Beyond this, there is the chance to move beyond passively receiving updates about your finances, and actually take control of them on the move. While you could simply use the browser on your mobile, by managing your accounts using an app you can take the most important aspects of online banking and get your money moving while you are on the go - or even just using the convenience of your phone from the comfort of your sofa. With some services, you can also take control of your credit card, loans or mortgages.

Safety tips

The numbers of people using mobile banking services are rising rapidly - in fact a recent report said that there could be one billion users by 2017. For the time being, the number is rather smaller; those using their smartphones for mobile banking services are still in the minority - and part of the reason could be due to confusion about the perceived insecurity.

Think about the following if you want to use mobile banking while enjoying peace of mind:

  • Use the official app, as this establishes a secure link between your phone and your bank. Even if someone takes your phone, they will have to know your username and password to access your account. Some may also offer a 'portal' for a site which is tailored for mobile use - pared-down for functionality, without slow-loading images etc. -  which means you can use your mobile banking easily across several devices, without being tethered to one installed app.
  • Whatever device you are using, always make the most of its security measures. Be sure to password protect your phone, so if you lose it or it's stolen, no-one can access your home screen. To keep security tight, avoid using the same passcode for your phone as you do for accessing your banking app.
  • Mobile networks are not totally fallible, but they typically have a far higher level of encryption than a Wi-Fi network, so using the mobile internet is generally better for on-the-go banking than using public Wi-Fi in a café, for instance.
  • Remember that banks will never ask you for your bank details by email - if anyone asks you for this, it is likely a 'phishing' attempt to access your precious details. Also, be wary of unknown senders of emails - and avoid downloading any files from them to your phone.

  • If you use your phone a lot - particularly for mobile banking - consider investing in anti-virus software.

This article has been written for information and interest purposes only and should not be construed as advice or used to make financial decisions. Expert financial advice should always be sought and any links contained within this article are included for information purposes only. Links to third party websites are not an endorsement by us of products and services on such websites. You have entered a website owned and operated by and will be subject to their website's terms and conditions.

Barclays is a major global financial services provider engaged in retail banking (bank accounts and instant access savings accounts), credit cards, corporate banking, investment banking, wealth management and investment management services, with an extensive international presence in Europe, the Americas, Africa and Asia. With over 300 years of history and expertise in banking, Barclays operates in over 50 countries and employs over 140,000 people. Barclays moves, invests and protects money and provides ISAs, home insurance, life insurance, a mortgage calculator, guides on how to buy shares and other services for over 49 million customers and clients worldwide. For further information about Barclays, please visit our website

Issued by Barclays Bank PLC. Registered in England. Barclays Bank PLC is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority (FSA). Registered No 1026167. Registered Office:  1 Churchill Place, London, E14 5HP.


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BT logo.jpgWeb Design is the art and science of crafting a website to offer an easy to navigate and easy to use marketing and sales tool for your customers. You and your company want to have a footprint online that shows your business to its best advantage. In addition, you'd like to gain the attention of potential customers and convert them to new customers and new business.

Choosing your web design team will be a matter of reviewing those who are available and within your budget and comparing notes on what they offer and how well they accomplish it. Review sites that they have built, bearing in mind of course that your needs will vary from other sites that you are perusing.

The layout of your website, for example, will depend on the function for which you will use it. Make sure that they have a broad range of abilities. The layout which is most successful for one company or one type of business will not be workable for another. Bear in mind that your website is the first impression--in most cases--that your customers will have of your business. The website is your gateway to new business.

The selection of your website design team must be carefully undertaken. Some key elements of the web design team will help you to choose wisely from a team which will give you precisely what you're looking for.

Choose your company with these things in mind:
Their experience in business and the online world
Their reputation in the business
Their responses to needs and desires
Their past customers and references
Their portfolio
Their continuing services and maintenance agreements
The cost effectiveness of their service and the value that they offer to your company.

As you can see, although we all have a budget to which we must adhere, the price is a single determining factor, but it is not the be-all and end-all in your selection of a web design team. Your website must offer to your customers the easy navigation, the on-page SEO and the quality that you need in order to impress your own customers.

Website design is a necessary and important part of who you are and your online persona. Select your design team wisely and with careful attention to detail to ensure that the site you end up with showcases your business in a way that reflects well on you.

Let BT help you grow your business, for further details regarding web design contact:

BT Web Design on 0800 5870 007

In association with BT

Let's face it, understanding how much gas and electricity you are using - and most importantly how much it is all costing you - isn't an easy process. Usually you have to climb up on a ladder or go down into the cellar to find the latest meter readings, submit them to your energy company, only to get a nasty shock when you get a bill for hundreds of pounds a few days later.

Thankfully the days of having to read your own meter are nearing an end. The Government has signalled its intention for all homes to have smart meters installed by 2019 and some energy companies, like British Gas, are getting ahead of the game and installing them in people's homes right now. Billed as the biggest infrastructure programme since the 1970s when we switched from coal to natural gas as our main fuel, smart meters will fundamentally change the relationship we have with our energy provider by putting us in control of our usage.

infographic.pngAs part its vision for a Smart Energy Future, British Gas commissioned Oxford Economics to investigate the value of smart metering to Britain. It found that, while the national roll out will cost £11.5 billion, the benefits of smart meters could total £25.3 billion - a gain for the country of nearly £14 billion. For more information, see the infographic (right)  for a visual summary of the money that could be saved by switching from analogue to smart meters.

As with a conventional meter, there is no upfront cost for the user. You simply pay for the meters (one for gas and one for electricity) through your energy bills, just as you do right now. However, the key is that smart meters allow you to monitor usage in real time much more effectively via a handheld device known as a smart energy monitor.  With a smart energy monitor you can see how much energy you are using at any given moment in time - even how much it costs you to boil a kettle if you so wish!

You can also set daily, weekly or monthly budgets depending on the kind of user you are and receive 'traffic light' based information to help you plan your usage - ie. red lights show if you are exceeding your limits, amber if you are close to the limit and green if you are below the limit. It's even possible to bring up the actual meter readings on the smart energy monitor's display to save you ever having to visit the meter in the cellar or that cupboard at the top of the stairs. Importanly smart meter readings are sent back wirelssly to British Gas which means no more estimated bills. You're only paying for the electricity and gas you use, making it easier to budget.

So how do you get a smart meter? When your home is ready for an upgrade, British Gas will contact you and their highly trained Smart Energy Experts will change your meters, explain how to use your Smart Energy Monitor and even show you how to save on your bills by providing Energy Efficiency advice. If you want to pre-register for a smart meter you can do so by entering your details here.

Want to know more about smart meters? Then click here.

You can also check out British Gas on social media: Facebook site and Twitter site

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Thumbnail image for novatech-desktop-pc.jpg.jpg

Christmas is as good an excuse as any to invest in a new PC and, whether you're treating yourself or somebody else, it pays to properly consider your options. The choice is no longer as simple as choosing an appropriately-spec'd desktop PC, with contemporary computing now offering a variety of other, more portable options such as laptops and tablets. UK-based computer manufacturer Novatech is all too aware of the shifting needs of consumers as they transition from desktop computing to something more portable.

So what type of PC should you request from Santa this year? Here are a few things about each for you to consider:



·         Often more powerful than its portable counterparts for less

·         Cheap, barebones systems are incredibly affordable

·         Easier to replace parts for upgrades and similar - desktop PC parts tend to be cheaper than those designed for laptops, and tablets almost always have to be sent away to be fixed


·         While dedicated gamers will lug their rigs to LAN parties time and time again, for the most part desktop PCs are not very portable

·         Can be rather noisy if you don't have a decent case/fans

·         Desktop PCs and their peripherals can take up a lot of space




·         Very portable - laptops can perform all the functions of a desktop PC on the go

·         Great for taking work to and from the office/university/etc.

·         Excellent for portable entertainment, especially as most have CD/DVD drives (indeed, some of the more upmarket models do Blu-ray)


·         The sound quality provided by integrated speakers rarely comes to close to that of purpose-made peripherals

·         While perhaps not so easily lost as a tablet, laptops are a frequent target for thieves

·         Can be prone to overheating if not given sufficient ventilation space




·         Highly portable, tablets take up less space, and are often significantly lighter than  laptops

·         Tablets' touchscreen interfaces make them incredibly easy to use, even for those who might not been particularly good with technology (e.g. children and the elderly)

·         Incredibly well optimised, often making them generally more reliable than other types of PC


·         Soft keyboards can be a pain to type on for extended periods of time

·         If something goes wrong, tablets usually have to be sent away to be fixed (and often at significant expense unless you have insurance)

·         Quite easily lost or stolen due to their compact size and, in the wrong hands, easily dropped

layton-miracle-mask.jpgSponsored Post

An all new Professor Layton adventure has arrived on Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo 3DS XL. And this time, the legendary archaeologist and puzzle-solver will go up against one of his most dangerous and mysterious opponents yet.

Following on from previous Professor Layton games, Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask once again challenges gamers to a host of new brain teasers. In this game, you can expect 150 such puzzles, plus a whole new set of minigames courtesy of the Professor's Trunk. If that isn't enough, Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask will also have 365 additional Daily Puzzles that will be distributed via the Nintendo Network every day for a year, starting on its October 26th launch date.

Once more, the Professor will be joined by his trusted assistants, Emmy and Luke, and must travel to the carnival city of Monte d'Or to investigate a series of terrible incidents being caused by the mysterious villain known only as the Masked Gentleman. It seems this rogue has been indulging himself in a series of dark miracles that include turning citizens to stone, leaving everyone in a state of terror. Having received a cryptic letter about the incidents from an old childhood friend, Professor Layton will need all his skills as one of the world's sharpest investigators if he is to help end the chaos being wreaked upon the city.

Fans will most certainly recognise the charming hand-drawn style of Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask, which will be familiar from the previous games in the series. However, using the incredible technology of the Nintendo 3DS and the wonderfully large screen of the Nintendo 3DS XL, these animations will look more powerful than ever. Not only does the 3D allow the story elements of the game to be realised with greater depth, but it also means players get a more visually exciting way to engage with each of the many puzzles and minigames.

With a range of fabulous games having just been launched for both these consoles, including New Super Mario Bros.2 and New Art Academy, Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask looks set to be just one of a number of much sought after Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo 3DS XL exclusives this Christmas, so why not order your copy today!

Thumbnail image for Telecoms World.jpg

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Businesses are always looking for ways to adapt their organisations in a way that integrates new and developing technologies into their business plans.
Due to the demands of fast paced and volatile markets, businesses need to be ready and prepared for any eventuality. The main means of ensuring this is through the development of a well-designed and comprehensive system that utilises the newest and most useful technologies.
One such technology is IP telephony, which is now being used by a huge number of businesses as an efficient replacement for traditional communication systems.Here we take a look at exactly what IP telephony is and what it can do for you and your business.

What Is IP Telephony?
IP telephony is essentially a means of communicating over a network system. By converting your conversations into packets of data and transporting them across LAN or internet connections, users are able to talk in real time more efficiently than over the phone. IP telephony, also often referred to as VOIP (Voice Over IP) fulfills one need in particular, replacing the use of traditional phones and phone networks, with an internet based system. IP Telephony works as an outbound service for making calls and works in conjunction with non geos like 0845 numbers which you may already have in place to handle your incoming calls.

While the quality of voice communications was historically poor, in recent years these technological hurdles have been overcome and the quality of communications are now incredibly high. IP telephony proves to be a brilliantly inexpensive option for businesses, largely due to lower installation fees and reduced monthly rental charges. Now that high levels of bandwidth are no longer required to transmit voice communications, the implementation and use of IP telephony is incredibly beneficial. Though the exact savings will depend on the specific circumstances surrounding your business, savings can be made by moving away from traditional forms of communication.
Businesses can also benefit from the increased mobility allowed with the use of IP telephony. Thanks to the increasing amount of smartphones and mobile devices being used, IP telephony services can be accessed from almost anywhere at any time, giving your employees a greater amount of freedom and independence. Using IP telephony also gears your business towards those technologies which may emerge in the future, ensuring that you're not left behind in the coming years.

Is It Right For You?
IP telephony is now considered a hugely important part of most businesses and is an integral part of business communication, through call centre staff, homeworkers and mobile workers. IP telephony is right for nearly all businesses especially those with multiple sites. When combined with easy to set up 0845 numbers, your inbound and outbound telecoms are likely to be in good shape as a business for years to come.

We all remember our most inspirational teachers, and clearly Tim Groves is one of them. In  a career spanning 36 years the Norfolk Primary School teacher has seen some huge changes in the way children are taught, and he loves exploring the educational opportunities that technology brings. Among the new ways of inspiring his pupils in the classroom, Mr Groves uses the internet to help them engage with the world and collaborate with their class mates. Mr Groves has, for example, recently used the excitement surrounding the Olympics to inspire collaboration among his pupils.

With BT Compute every pupil and teacher has a single sign that allows them to safely and securely access their school desktop from any device, at any time, from anywhere. With such a simple system, schools benefit from fantastic learning facilities, and the council can cut costs and boost efficiency, helping to focus resources where they are needed most. You can see how Tim uses the technology in the YouTube video below:

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Chrysler 300CIt wasn't that long ago that state of the art technology inside a car meant a built in CD player and central locking. Now the latest luxury vehicles boast more on board facilities than a top spec hi-tech home or super yacht!

Take Chrysler's latest model, the 300C. We test drove this £40,000 machine around the Cambridgeshire countryside last week and were bowled over by its impressive spec. Not only does it boast a 3 litre V6 turbo diesel engine which ensures a smooth and powerful ride (as well as surprisingly good fuel efficiency up to 47.9 miles per gallon), it also features an 8.4 inch touch screen display that serves as the hub for many of the vehicle's advanced features.

Chrysler logo.jpg

Obviously it goes without saying there's a great sound system on board, complete with audio jack input for plugging in your iPod, or other MP3 device. But also fitted as standard is a 9 speaker sound system which can be upgraded to a 19 speaker Harman Kardon 7.1 surround sound set up complete with three subwoofers. Other entertainment features include an SD card reader for MP3 sound files, AM/FM radio tuner a CD/DVD player and an input for USB devices.

Voice Control

In car navigation is becoming increasingly important to help take the stress out of planning your journey and here the Chrysler 300C excels. On board is a Garmin based sat nav system complete which can be controlled safely either via the controls on the steering wheel or handsfree by voice alone so you can tell the car the name of the street you want to go to and it will do the rest.

Uconnect Voice Command with Bluetooth control also lets you manage a Bluetooth compatible phone without having to take your hands off the steering wheel. The first time the phone is synchronised, the phonebook is downloaded to the car's hard drive and numbers can be selected simply by saying the person's name.

When it comes to safety features, the Chrysler really does excel. While reversing into a parking space an image on the touch screen display shows the view from the back of the car provided by an board camera including a representation of the width of the car so you know instantly if the car parking space is big enough.

Another safety feature is Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) which uses radar to automatically modify the Chrysler 300C's speed to keep a safe distance when the car approaches another vehicle in the same lane or even when a vehicle enters from another lane. Similarly Blind Spot Monitoring (BSM) uses an ultra broadband radar sensor to search for cars that might be briefly concealed from your view. Icons illuminate in the mirror and an acoustic warning signal sounds if there is a car in the blind spot.

DSCN4464-480.jpgFor the ultimate in luxury the touch screen control can also be used to control your individual settings. Not only can the air conditioning be set to different temperatures for the driving and passenger seat, you can also precisely adjust the positioning of the seat, even set your seat to move out of the way of the steering wheel when the car is stationary to make it easier to get out of the car.

Finally, the two front cup holders, cooled as heated and standard, come with LED lighting that glow blue when they're chilled and red when they're hot! What could be better than that! It seems driving really has entered the 21st century at last.

See video below for an explanation about everything that the Chrysler 300C's touch screen display can do:

See images of the new Chrysler 300C below:

Chrysler 300C

Order a Test Drive now

Find out more

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Viral video by ebuzzing

British Gas Smart Meters

Thumbnail image for bg_logo_layw.png

This is a sponsored post on behalf of British Gas

The days of estimated bills and letting a man into your house to read the meter are nearing an end. British Gas is starting to roll out Smart Meters which will revolutionise the way we consume energy - and save us money to boot!

Whereas traditionally meters sit in remote places such as under your stairs or in the garage and are only disturbed when the meter reader comes along to take a reading, smart meters aren't even disturbed by the meter reader. Instead, these clever smart meters - which can  be located in remote locations like their less smart cousins - communicate wirelessly to an in home display unit, known as a smart energy monitor (see picture).

In turn, the Smart Energy Monitor gives you an instant view of your energy consumption for both gas and electricity.  This includes near real-time on energy usage, cost and greenhouse gas generation. You can keep an eye on your energy usage in kwH, CO2 and pounds and pence as well as access historical usage to see how your consumption is changing over time.

Unlike traditional meters, with smart readers you can also control your energy usage via a smart phone app or online via a PC. Smart meter readings are sent back to British Gas once a day which means an end to having to submit your own meter readings and also an end to estimated bills.

home display meter 2.pngAlready there are 160,000 British Gas homes in the UK with a Smart Meter with the company committed to providing Smart Meters in all homes by 2019. Watch the YouTube video below for more information.

British Gas Facebook:, Twitter @BritishGas

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Buy Performance Car Parts Online


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Some people buy a vehicle and feel like it has plenty of power and a nice appearance at the time, but they later discover that they would like to make a few performance and cosmetic upgrades. Other people buy a car with the simple intention of turning it into a unique, high-powered vehicle.

The only problem is that people who decide to modify the cosmetic features or performance of their vehicle will find that these upgrades can be quite expensive. Auto supply stores charge a huge mark-up because they are essentially selling their products with the convenience factor of people being able to get what they need today, and the stores also have to pay several employees and a manager. If people want to save money, they should buy their performance car parts online through Prestige Performance Centre.

About Prestige Performance Centre

Prestige Performance Centre is an online auto supply store that specializes in selling performance parts for nearly any vehicle. The nice thing about this store is that it will allow people to do all of their shopping from the comfort of their own home. In addition, this online store has the ability to stock far more parts and a wider selection than any other store since they are not limited on space like a typical retail location.

People will find that this site will allow them to save money on their parts, which is great news since it may allow people to buy multiple parts for the price of one elsewhere. People will find that this site is very organized, and it is extremely easy to find the parts that they are looking for. In addition, everyone knows that different cars have different measurements on parts, and Prestige Performance Center has worked to ensure that the customer will know that they are ordering a part that will fit their vehicle precisely.

This site stocks everything from power-boosting components to car stereos, so people will not have any reason to shop anywhere else. One issue that some people may have against shopping online is that they might get something different than they visualized, but if this is the case, Prestige Performance Centre will give customers a refund, credit or they will exchange the product within the first 28 days.

If people are looking to upgrade their car's performance or appearance, they should shop at Prestige Performance Centre. Prestige Performance Centre realizes that car fanatics want to receive their parts as soon as possible, and they also want to save money when upgrading their vehicle and this store will allow them to accomplish both tasks. With the massive inventory and low prices that Prestige Performance Centre has to offer, people really do not have a reason to shop elsewhere.

Why Do I Need A Confetti Shredder?

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With a wide range of shredders available on the current market, knowing which one is best for you can be difficult. Confetti shredders are a more modern form of paper shredder than cut documents and papers into small square pieces rather than long strips associated with ribbon cut shredders. But why does this matter and why do you need a confetti shredder?

Rexel logo.jpgThe main reason why you should have a confetti shredder is its performance. It is made of two rotating bars that have a series of blades that slice, chop or strip material such as paper, credit cards in both horizontal and vertical manner.

This means the materials are reduced to very tiny pieces which are very impossible to put back together, offering you increased data protection. In addition to this, the destroyed materials are collected in a receptacle that doubles as a wastebasket, reducing waste.

Maximum security

These types of paper shredder take extra measures to ensure maximum security of your information. Many of these machines have an automatic switch which will automatically start the shredders mechanism when paper is detected. This is done via a small motion sensor which is placed in the feed of the shredder and will ensure the device is safe to use and does not use unnecessary power.

Quiet and efficient

These shredders are also known for being very quiet, making them perfect for busy offices. The other reason why you should have these machines for shredding is because there is little chance that the paper will jam since the wheels are in line. Some of these devices may even come with anti-jam technologies built in to prevent the jamming of paper, allowing your shredding to be a smoother and less disruptive process.
Protect from identity theft

Of course, it is important for all businesses and homes to invest in a paper shredder - regardless of what type of cut it provides. This is because identity theft can be committed if individuals simply throw their documentation or correspondence away with their normal recycling.

Shredders combat this by ensuring that the information contained on these documents cannot be read by other parties. This allows people to discard their documents with security, protecting them from identity theft or fraud.

This is especially important in businesses where breaches to data protection can lead to a ruined company reputation and potential legal action. Shredding is therefore one of the easiest and most efficient ways to dispose of unwanted documents and has a number of benefits.

This includes the fact that it is good for the environment - with all of the waste produced being fully recyclable. Alongside this, these devices are also available in a number of forms over consumers a range of options. UK shredders in particular are available in a large selection of options, with different technologies and sizes being in use in each design.

Deciding which shredder to purchase can therefore be difficult and individuals should always consider their shredding requirements before making a purchase.

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latest-kindle.jpgMost of us have roughly the same New Year's resolutions: lose weight, get in touch with friends more often, and of course, get reading those excellent novels that everyone talks about at dinner parties. Most people would acknowledge that for even the most dedicated bookworm, real life often gets in the way, so it can be difficult to get through even one book without various distractions making you give up long before the end.

However, if you're determined that this year is the year you transform into a literary virtuoso, why not give yourself an extra incentive and invest in the proper tools to do it? Kindles are growing in popularity amongst those who don't want to have to cart heavy books around, and who also want a few extra features that books simply can't deliver. So with the January sales looming, now is the time to shop around and save yourself a little extra money.

tesco direct logo.jpgThere are a number of Kindle models available, which one you choose is largely dependent upon your own needs. The basic Kindle 1 is a simple e-reader, so is great for anyone looking for a basic model that's easy to use and won't break the bank. The Kindle 1 is able to connect to Wikipedia and the Amazon store, but any other web browsing isn't possible; if you're looking for something simple that won't leave home too often, try this, but otherwise a more advanced model may be more suitable.

The Kindle 3G is definitely the most high-tech option, offering free Internet connectivity, the option of uploading your own songs and listening to music, and sending and receiving emails for free. This is great for anyone with a busy lifestyle, or for tech-lovers looking for plenty of extra features.

The Kindle 4 is the latest model, a slimmed-down, lightweight version of its predecessors. One of the most notable things about the new Kindle is that it doesn't have a keyboard, instead relying on a virtual keyboard and navigator pad for web browsing and note-taking. It isn't as advanced as the 3G, and is generally acknowledged to be slightly slower, but this model is great for anyone looking for a cheap, practical option for everyday life.

Whichever model you end up with this January, investing in a Kindle is a great way of getting back into reading on a regular basis, as well as indulging in a whole host of fun little features designed to make your life a whole lot easier. Even if you don't quite make it through War & Peace in 2012, the Kindle's added extras are a great way of staying on top of your other New Year's resolutions: looking up exercise plans over the Internet, emailing friends and colleagues, and generally staying more organised. We can't guarantee it'll stop any willpower wobbles completely, but it'll definitely help.

Light Graffiti


Light Graffiti.jpg
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What is it?

We all remember writing our names in the air with sparklers as children, amazed as the light lingered, and the same affect can be achieved by using a long-exposure shot to create modern art.

Indeed, light writing has come a long way since it was pioneered as a way to trace the movement of workers in the early part of the 20th century. Picasso famously used it to paint a Centaur, and an innovative bunch have used an iPad, possibly an iPad 2 to create block 3D light paintings, which they did by dragging different sized square shapes on its screen, through physical space, on a long exposure.


To get started, you will need some basic equipment, such as a tripod, to start: If you don't have a tripod, improvise with anything you can rest your camera on which is stable and won't move when you press the shutter.

You need a camera that can take a long-exposure photograph, such as an SLR camera or one with manual settings. You'll also need to make sure that the light is focused properly, which is best done manually, because the darkness and contrast will confuse your camera's auto-focus.

The idea is that you keep the shutter open for a long time, and the motion of the light creates trails - so it is essential to shoot in a darkened area. Otherwise, the ambient light will completely wash out the film. Even a photograph taken outdoors at 2am will look like daytime when the shutter is left open for long enough.

Given the dark environment, there are some settings, which you should play around with, that will help produce good results. The aperture- the f-numbers on your camera - should be kept at the highest number possible. It would usually be very wide (a low number) when shooting in the dark, in order to let in more light. But, if you use the long exposure times to make up for this, then keeping the aperture small will lead to sharper, more focused images.

Similarly, a low ISO setting, if you are using a digital SLR¸ will minimise grain and improve the quality of your photos. These little differences will be more noticeable if you blow up your photos or show them to your friends on an LED TV, for instance.

Light writing

Once you've adjusted your camera's settings you're ready to write. Work out where to stand in front of your camera. Then turn off the lights and take a photo on your camera. Stand in front of it with a torch, and write or paint in the air until the shutter closes. Depending on your settings, you don't need to move too quickly.

In fact you can use anything that emits light. There are interesting results to be had with light-sabres, fluorescent tubes, flashing lights, fairy lights, attached to on hula-hoops, paint rollers, sticks or whatever.

Image via Flickr

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AppleiPad2.jpgIt has long been argued that the pace of technological invention will eventually slow; that the exponential growth we have witnessed over the last 100 years will peter out; and that eventually we will reach a period of stagnation at which point no significant discoveries or breakthroughs will be made.

Happily, this fairly depressing vision of mankind's future appears (at least at present) to be confined to the realms of science fiction; if anything our rate of progress has increased even further. The Internet, for example, has been relentlessly improved, with greater speed and coverage and the invention of wireless networks. Computers and mobile phones have also been the focal points of massive development and innovation over the last 10 years.

Amid all this change, development, progress and innovation there is one company which has emerged as the clear leader of the modern entertainment race: Apple. And the recent arrival of the iPad 2 has made this position even clearer. The iPad 2 has quite simply rendered many other gadgets obsolete; in this single tablet you are provided with a replacement for your phone, your MP3 player, your television and your laptop.

Apple has invested a great deal of time and resources into ensuring that the iPad 2 surpasses its predecessor. The 9x7 inch lightweight device delivers excellent HD clarity and can easily be propped up to watch your favourite films or television programmes in bed, or while you're in the bath; it can even be placed on a treadmill when you're visiting the gym.

Although HDTV is still relatively new, this hasn't stopped Apple from taking full advantage of this technology and creating a compact, portable screen that will rival the one in your living room.

The iPad 2 runs faster and much more smoothly than the original iPad, which is great when you want to watch a film, TV programme on BBC iPlayer, or video on YouTube. The battery life is much improved too, Apple promises a 10-hour lifespan, perfect for spending the day relaxing and catching up with some of your favourite TV programmes.

The iPad 2 automatically switches itself off at the end of a film if you don't select another, so you don't need to worry about the drain on the lifetime of your battery if you fall asleep, and this also means that your screen will not be damaged by screen burn-in.

New apps are developed daily, and with the arrival of apps such as BBC iPlayer and YouTube, it seems that there isn't much you can watch on your TV that you can't watch on your iPad 2. If you're not in the mood to watch something, there are many gaming apps which are available and, of course, you can use your iPad 2 to play your favourite music.

Due to the wide variety of and the excellent quality of the display, the iPad 2 is strong competition for any regular TV, MP3 player or laptop. That, teamed with the battery life (which is better than has ever been seen in a tablet), makes the iPad 2 a very popular method of entertainment consumption.

By putting everything in one place the iPad 2 certianly is changing the way we consume entertainment. The winning feature, however, is the versatility of this simple and compact tablet; with the iPad 2, everything you need is right in front of you.

BlackBerry PlayBook now available

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The BlackBerry PlayBook is one of the most eagerly anticipated gadgets of 2011. Consumers are expecting Research In Motion to follow-up its excellent smartphone series with a game-changing tablet.

The early indications are excellent. Packing a dual-core 1GHz processor and 1GB of RAM, multi-tasking is one of the strongest features of the new BlackBerry PlayBook. The BlackBerry Tablet OS can comfortably play a HD video while you surf the web.

BlackBerry's smartphones have been a big hit with people working on the go. The PlayBook's 3MP front-facing and 5MP rear-facing cameras are ideal for video conference calls and will appeal to professionals looking for a 'working tablet'.

But like its functional smartphones also appealed to a wider audience, the new BlackBerry PlayBook is armed with Adobe Flash Player 10.1 and a clever interface to offer something for everyone.

blackberry logo-thumb-300x225-102736.jpg The PlayBook's touchscreen extends beyond the 7inch. display and to the edge of the edge of the bezel, which helps to unlock a range of menus and features - just swipe across the bezel and onto the screen to get more options from apps and the web.

Crucially, the PlayBook can work in harmony with your BlackBerry smartphone, wirelessly synching information from calendars, address books and task lists.

Connections can also be made with other devices using WiFi, Bluetooth or across the 3G network.

The BlackBerry PlayBook's impressive spec suggests RIM will use what it has learnt from smartphones to deliver a breathtaking tablet.

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