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There are so many 4G phones to choose from it can be hard to know where to start. To make matters more difficult, many of them are nearly identical thanks to the ubiquity of Android… so how can you be confident you’re getting what is right for you when you’re picking up a 4G phone? Here are some top tips…


If you like swimming…


The Sony Xperia Z1 is an Android device like no other – because unlike the iPhone, this phone is actually waterproof. Sporting a full HD 5″ screen it’s a high powered device – with a 2.2ghz Snapdragon processor on in the inside. The camera is decent too – at 20 megapixels, meaning that next time you’re in the pool you should be able to get some really cool underwater shots.

If you have massive hands…


The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is the South Korean giant’s flagship “plablet” – half way between a phone and a tablet. Unlike other 4G handsets, this phone comes with a stylus for handwriting recognition on it’s monster 5.7″ 1080p HD screen.

Whilst perfect for those with large hands, there is a concession for those with smaller digits: if you need to use it one handed, you can enable “small mode”, which shrinks the screen down to something the size of a normal phone – so you can reach with your thumb when typing.

If you like to type…


Let’s face it – phones with keyboards are going the way of the Dodo, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have one last meal of Dodo a l’Orange. The Blackberry Q5 is one of the few 4G LTE phones available that has a physical keyboard. The trade off is a more limited range of apps (no Vine or Instagram here), but if email is what you need, then the Q5 should serve you well.

If you’re not a burglar…


Okay, so I admit these are getting pretty tenuous. But if you don’t mind leaving your fingerprints all over the place, why not try the iPhone 5S? The first phone with built in fingerprint recognition, you can use your digits to unlock your device, or make purchases from the app store with having to faff about with passwords.

The other benefit is that unlike all of the other phones listed here, which run Android, you’ll get to use the slightly slicker iOS operating system, which is unique to iPhones and is arguably slightly nicer to use.

If you have sticky hands…


The Samsung Galaxy S4 is another of the flagship 4G Smartphones. A powerful device in it’s own right, what makes the S4 unique is that it has some built in motion tracking of your fingers, so you can operate some apps without actually touching the screen – instead, waving your fingers in front of it, Minority Report style.

So if you’ve got a job where your hands are otherwise engaged in dirty work, be it mechanic or cake decorator, you can still read your Facebook without having to wash your hands first. Brilliant.

How can I try these out?

So we’ve featured a bunch of different phones here – but how can you really find out which 4G phone is for you? Our friends at Gizmodo are running a competition with EE, to find people to test a different phone every month. You can find details on the competition here.

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  • I have the Galaxy S3 now and thought that there couldn’t be a more perfect phone for my oversize mitts. Holding an iPhone now is basically non-existent in my hands! I’ll be one happy texter once the Note 4 drops.

  • I have the Galaxy S3 now and thought that there couldn't be a more perfect phone for my oversize mitts. Holding an iPhone now is basically non-existent in my hands! I'll be one happy texter once the Note 4 drops.

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