Is the use of gaming strategy guides the same as cheating?

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For some, the summer months are the best time to slap on the sunscreen, pull on a swimming costume and go bask in the rare British sunshine. For me, it's an opportunity to catch up on the past 6…

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POLL: Should EA keep Andy Gray as a FIFA 2012 pundit?

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Sky football commentator Andy Gray has seen his television presenting contract terminated after a series of sexually innapropriate comments were made to and about female staff. The Sky Sports presenter had mocked female Premier League Assistant referee Sian Massey, believing…

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POLL: Who should play Assange in the WikiLeaks movie?

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News has begun to trickle in today about a proposed WikiLeaks movie, documenting the rise of the whistleblowing website, the consequenting controversy surrounding its many leaked wires and co-founder Julian Assange's "colourful" personal life. The public face of WikiLeaks, the…

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Poll – Is Apple's jailbreak kill-switch patent a step too far?

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Apple have filed a patent that will make iPhone jailbreakers and those scared of Orwellian surveillance systems quite uncomfortable. The "Systems and Methods for Identifying Unauthorized Users of an Electronic Device" patent describes plans that would give Apple an unprecedented…

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Poll: Should Nintendo DS R4 "homebrew" cards be illegal?

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High-fives all around at Nintendo HQ today, as the High Court has ruled that importing, advertising or selling R4 cartridges in the UK is now illegal. R4 cards can be used to download and play illegally ripped versions of Nintendo…

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Poll: iPhone 4.0? Old news! What else do you want from WWDC 2010?

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Tonight sees the WWDC 2010 conference open its doors and Apple's Steve Jobs take to the centre stage. Apple have had the wind knocked out of their sails this year following a series of high-profile leaks revealing the iPhone 4.0…

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Poll: Are you happy with the new Facebook privacy settings?

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Facebook's CEO Mark Zuckerberg last night announced the details of his social network's new privacy controls, after many users felt that the previous settings were too complicated. Under the banner of "one simple control", Facebook hope the new controls will…

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Poll: What has caused BlackBerrys to be banned from David Cameron's Cabinet?

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According to BBC Five Live, BlackBerry smartphones have been banned from the UK Cabinet. In a week in which the UK has seen it's first coalition government formed in over three decades, you'd think any device that could help communications…

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iPhone 4G revealed – POLL: WWSJD (What Would Steve Jobs Do) next?

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So your flagship gadget for the next 18 months, the iPhone 4G, has been revealed prematurely to the world, tech bloggers have pulled it apart and the internet is rife with conspiracy theories as to how and why this could…

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