BBC technical problems affect iPlayer and homepage

TV viewers were unable to watch or listen to their favourite BBC shows online for more than 24 hours over the weekend, when the corporation’s TV and radio iPlayer service was hit by technical issues. The gremlins also got into the BBC website’s front page. An error message on the page reads: “Due to technical problems, we are displaying a …

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Stuart O'ConnorBBC technical problems affect iPlayer and homepage

SeeSaw video-on-demand service begins beta trial tomorrow

Does anyone remember the ill-fated Project Kangaroo? Well out of it's ashes rises SeeSaw, a new video-on-demand service which include shows such as "Doctor Who", "That Mitchell and Webb Look" and "Cranford". The service, which aims to combine the best…

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Gerald LynchSeeSaw video-on-demand service begins beta trial tomorrow

Hulu hitting the UK in September?


The Hulu that they do so well over in the States could be coming to the UK in a deal that would bring 3,000 hours of US TV to our virtual shores. The free to view VoD service is looking to buddy up with the BBC, ITV and Channel 4 in providing an internet platform where all their content can be viewed together in exactly the same way the Kangaroo couldn’t.

But there is a but – two, actually, if I write it like that. There’s issues with how Channel 4 and ITV wish to hold their advertising inventory around the player for their content and, with the Competition Commission lurking round the corner, there’s a horribly familiar feeling in the air that yet another good thing for the consumer could hit the bricks.

I was just about to say that Sky is bound to have a whinge about it, just as they did with Kangaroo, but maybe not so this time. Hulu is backed by News Corp, and News Corp owns Sky. So, maybe this thing does have legs after all.

Still a hell of a lot of teasing out of agreements to do in terms of rules and regs as well as the advertising issue, doubtless, but, fingers crossed, we might actually get what we want this time. Just a shame we needed an American company to come in and sort it out for us.

(via Telegraph)

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Daniel SungHulu hitting the UK in September?