Netflix now in 10% of British homes

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Streaming film and television service Netflix is now hooked up to more than three million British households.


A report in the Daily Telegraph says that the new figure means more than one in 10 households have joined the service, and signals a rise in take-up over the past year.

The report says that Netflix is well ahead of its nearest direct rival, Amazon, which has just under five per cent of UK households signed up.

The figures come from a survey conducted by BARB, the body that measures audiences for the television industry.

The survey sampled 13,500 households and puts Netflix’s UK subscriber base at 2.8 million in the first quarter of this year.

Toby Syfret, the author of the research, told the Telegraph: “Netflix has always been highly secretive and released very few details about its international streaming performance in individual countries beyond the general statement that it is seeing encouraging progress everywhere.

“Not since Netflix’s announcement in August 2012 that its total subscriber base in the UK and Ireland had passed the one million mark, have we heard any numbers from the horse’s mouth.”

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