Watch how much electricity the UK is generating in near real time


As environmental concerns are ever more important, how can we make informed decisions about what we should do? Check out this website where you can monitor the real time energy situation in the UK.


Gridwatch was created a couple of years ago by an electrical engineer looking to get past what they viewed as a flawed debate on alternative energy. But presumably rather than complain about it on the internet, they instead built this clever tool.

Essentially, it scrapes real time data on the UK’s energy output, and displayed it as a much more human friendly ‘dashboard’ – complete with meters showing how much power is being generated, and what the different sources are.

At the time of writing wind energy is accounting for 15% of UK electricity – and nuclear 21%. Sadly coal and gas are on something like 49%. Here’s hoping we can get up to German standards before we destroy the planet.

James O’Malley
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