The Digest: Sony Announces PlayStation Vue… and 4 other things people are talking about today

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Sony unveils web-based TV service PlayStation Vue | Reuters

“Sony has unveiled a new cloud-based TV service, PlayStation Vue, expected to be commercially launched during the first quarter of 2015. The web-based television service allows users to access live TV and on-demand content without a cable or satellite service, the company said.”

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Nintendo launches its own digital magazine Nintendo Extra | MCV

“A month after the final issue of Official Nintendo Magazine hit shelves, Nintendo has launched its own digital magazine. It’s called Nintendo Extra and issue one is available now. The content seems focused on a younger audience and focuses on each of the company’s key IPs.”

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Big business ‘must learn to love apps’ | The Guardian

“Apps will continue to increase in number like websites in the 1990s and become a necessity rather than a luxury, according to app analyst Marcos Sanchez.”

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Does Twitter have a secret weapon for silencing trolls? | The Verge

“Luciana Berger, a member of British Parliament, has been receiving a stream of anti-Semitic abuse on Twitter. It only escalated after a man was jailed for tweeting her a picture with a Star of David superimposed on her forehead and the text ‘Hitler was Right’. But over the last few weeks, the abuse began to disappear. Her harassers hadn’t gone away, and Twitter wasn’t removing abusive tweets after the fact, as it sometimes does, or suspending accounts as reports came in. Instead, the abuse was being blocked by what seems to be an entirely new anti-abuse filter.”

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Trojan SMS found on Google Play | Malwarebytes Unpacked

“The Trojan tricks its victims by requesting permission to send premium SMS messages in exchange for downloaded content. This tactic has been seen since malware started appearing on Android devices.”

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