The Pirate Bay has a new enemy – International Olympic Committee asks Swedish government to remove torrents

Gary Cutlack Intellectual Property, Internet, Web 2.0 4 Comments

olympic-piracy-bittorrent-pirate-bay-ioc.jpgHere’s another vague threat for The Pirate Bay to laugh in the face of – the International Olympic Committee wants the Swedish piracy-enabler to remove all copyrighted Olympic content from its comprehensive listings.

The IOC has requested assistance from the Swedish government, asking the Minister of Justice to help force the Bay to remove Olympic stuff. We are sure Pirate Bay admins are hurriedly doing so at this very moment!

As ever, and as it did when The Men tried to stop downloads of GTA IV, the Bay has today changed its logo to represent the “Beijing Bay” – and cleverly ripped-off the Olympic logo at the same time. It is so defiant.

We will bring you news that statistics show a sudden increase in the number of people downloading Olympic clips off Bittorrent tomorrow.

(Via TorrentFreak)

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By Gary Cutlack | August 19th, 2008

  • lol

    There was little 2008 Olympics content on TPB actually. But once the news got around, I see people uploaded all sorts of Olympics content. If no media attention was brought to this, I think the number of Olympics 2008 related torrents would have been small.

  • Gary

    Thousands of bitter men suddenly have a reason to live – winning on the internet.

  • Rich

    It’s the closest most of them will have got to sports in years. Speaketh the voice of experience.

  • Gary

    Are any hi-res rips of the women’s pole vault available? I can’t believe they’re allowed to broadcast material of that strength before the watershed.