How close is Apple to eliminating the wallet? Can you really leave it at home with the iPhone 6?

[nextpage title="Next"] When Apple CEO Tim Cook announced Apple Pay last month, he mentioned that it was his intention to eliminate the need to carry a wallet. But how close are Apple to freeing up our pockets? I've been going through my wallet to figure out what Apple needs to digitise next. [/nextpage] [nextpage title="Next"]…

UK Justice Secretary Jack Straw gets hacked


The UK government’s Justice Secretary, The Right Honorable Jack Straw MP, has been hacked by Nigerian fraudsters, who sent out hundreds of emails to his constituents and government figures asking for cash because he’d lost his wallet on charity work in Africa.

Straw says that everything’s okay because it was only his constituency office that was hacked, not his official government address. I’m sure that’ll make his constituents feel better, who’ve apparently been calling the office asking about the email. Only one replied, and his or her Hotmail account has since been suspended by Microsoft.

(via BBC)

O2 Wallet – using your phone as your Oyster/Paywave/etc card

Phone 0010.jpg

O2 have just completed a test of “near field communications”. It’s the technology used in Visa Paywave cards, Oyster cards, cards that let you into your block of flats, and all sorts of things. A similar sort of thing to the Barclaycard OnePulse card, but they want to put it into your phone so you don’t have to carry around a physical card. Good idea in theory. But what about in practice…?