Two MSI X-Slim laptops announced


These little Apple-aping beauties are the X340 and X600, from MSI. They’re part of the X-Slim range, which also includes the X320, which we spotted at CES.

The smaller X340 has a 13.4″ screen, with the X600 going up to a more standard 15.6″. They both offer HDMI-out as well as VGA and pack Centrino 2 processors. The X340 is suggested to cost somewhere between $699 and $999, which is a bit like saying London is between Spain and Scotland.

No release date, or UK prices yet. Shame, because these do look rather nice, even if they’re a tad on the derivative side.

(via Engadget)

MSI preparing U120 Wind update as "netbook" onslaught shows no sign of slowing


This lovely little thing here is MSI’s latest update to its lovely little Wind ultraportable – the U120. Supposedly offering a slightly more elegant and adult design, the U120 is largely the same on the inside – but dumps the slightly toytown flimsiness of the original Wind for a “business” look.

So you still get the same 10″ screen and Intel Atom inside, support for regular hard drives or solid-state model if you’re a bit ‘flash’ (intentional memory pun), plus support for the emerging 802.11n wi-fi and a SIM card slot for racking up vast expenses trying to get a connection on the train…

The Chumby squeezable clock/ultraportable wi-fi lump

It’s a sort of bedside mini internet device, the logical update to the clock radio. Chumby is designed to keep you in touch with your “internet life,” so if you wake up immediately in a panic about Facebook, email, blog updates, news feeds, RSS, Twitters, other blogs and whatnot, Chumby is ready.

Your other half will no doubt be ecstatic that there’s an internet connection right next to you 24 hours a day.