MSI preparing U120 Wind update as "netbook" onslaught shows no sign of slowing

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msi-wind-u120-netbook.jpgThis lovely little thing here is MSI’s latest update to its lovely little Wind ultraportable – the U120. Supposedly offering a slightly more elegant and adult design, the U120 is largely the same on the inside – but dumps the slightly toytown flimsiness of the original Wind for a “business” look.

So you still get the same 10″ screen and Intel Atom inside, a choice of regular hard drive or a solid-state model if you’re a bit ‘flash’ (hilarious intentional memory pun), plus support for the emerging 802.11n wi-fi protocol and a SIM card slot for racking up vast roaming data expenses trying to get a connection on the train.

The U120 should be out in November, should you currently be in the process of compiling a Christmas present list and not shy about asking people to spend around £340 on you – even though your budget for buying their present is about £15.

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