Fujitsu's sub-atomic 5.6in Lifebook U2010

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fujitsu-lifebook-u2010-ultraportable.jpgAnother hour, another few millimetres shaved off the sides and top of the latest hyper-mega-super-ultra-portable laptop device.

This is the Fujitsu Lifebook U2010, which takes “small” to whole new levels. Particularly with its screen, a smallest-in-class 5.6″ in size – although it does swivel, allowing it to operate in full tablet mode.

Internally, Fujitsu’s gone wild and opted for an extremely fashionable 1.6 or 1.8Ghz Atom, accompanied by 1GB of RAM – so the thing can, astonishingly, run Windows Vista Business if you literally have to because your company IT man is pointing a gun at your head. The price is listed on some Vietnamese tech site’s forum as being $1300 – about £650. A bit of a premium, sure, but bloody nice looking all the same.

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