ACS's T range of professional in-ear monitors

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If you’re after some serious in-ear audio gear — the sort that professional musicians are likely to use — then Advanced Communications Solutions may have a solution for you.

Their T range of in-ear monitors, which have actually been around for nearly a decade but are still well worth mentioning, include the flagship T1s, plus T2s and T3s, which are slightly more affordable and aimed at the rest of us.

Custom moulded to fit the contour of the individual’s ears, the T1s feature three-way balanced armature transducers built in to the custom silicone earpieces, for an exceptional sound experience. The cable is reinforced with Kevlar for extra strength, and it’s an ideal monitor for a stage performer.

The T2 monitors are used by the likes of pro-drummer Mark Pusey. They feature twin armature transducers, and feature 26dB of isolation from external noise.

The T3s (yes, named after the magazine) offer a more affordable option for personal listening and mix monitoring. They’re durable, featuring silicon moulding and resilient balanced armature.

The T3s cost £229, while the T2s are £499 and the T1s are £649. Certainly not for the fainthearted.

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