More signs that Sony is about to dump its phone business: Goodbye Xperia?

Back in November we reported rumours that Sony was thinking of abandoning its phone business. Today more fuel has been poured on that fire. According to Reuters Sony is aiming to boost its operating profits 25-fold over the next few years, and it plans to do it by both boosting the successful Playstation and camera…

REVIEW: Samsung UE32F6400 3D Smart TV

We've seen the flagship 55-inch F8000 3D TV whopper from Samsung, and now we venture into more affordable territory with the 32-inch F6400. With many of the same connected Smart Tv features of its big brother, can it impress in the same way? Read our full review to find out!

LG open pre-orders on IMAX-like curved OLED TVs

As promised, LG have opened pre-orders on their nifty-looking curved OLED TVs, just two weeks after hinting that they'd get a release at some point this year. Hitting living rooms within the next month as pre-orders are fulfilled, the 55-inch…

REVIEW: Samsung UE46ES7000 3D TV (46-inch with voice and motion controls)

A feature-rich 3D TV with web connected features, motion controls and voice-activated commands, Samsung's ES7000 series ticks plenty of boxes. But are its unique hardware features just gimmicks, and can its picture quality match Samsung's top-tier offerings? Read our full review to find out!

LG launch 3D TV and PC monitor all-in-one

LG have today revealed a new line of TV's that can also be used as a computer monitor, offering picture-in-picture settings that let you watch Freeview broadcasts while working away on your desktop at the same time on a single…