Samsung's 55-inch S9C curved OLED TV hits UK stores 5 September

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samsung-curved-OLED-UK.jpgSamsung has annoucned that its curvaceous 55-inch OLED TV will hit UK stores on September 5th, coinciding with the company’s IFA 2013 showcase.

The S9C is set to offer the sort of vibrant colours and contrast depth that only OLED technology can allow for, while its curved screen design theoretically negates picture distortion by making the extremes of the screen an equal distance from your eyes as the centre point. That, of course, is dependent on you being sat front and centre before the screen.

“Like bringing home an IMAX theatre that you can enjoy every day,” Guy Kinnell, Head of TV and AV, Samsung UK and Ireland, the screen is also Samsung’s first to use Multi View technology, allowing two 3D-spec wearing viewers to watch two different video sources on the same full screen, at the same time.

No word yet on what the official pricing will be, but if you’re the sort of person who can afford the inevitably-high asking price, you probably don’t need to ask anyway.

Gerald Lynch
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