RUMOUR: Virgin Media 50Mbps cable in a few weeks?


ThinkBroadband are reporting that a poster to their forums has leaked some info regarding a 50Mbps product from Virgin Media on their cable broadband network. The rollout is apparently due to start in “two weeks”, and should be completed by April 2009.

Price-wise the service won’t be cheap, with 50Mbps setting you back £52 a month. It’s purported to be a mandatory 12 month contract too, meaning you’ll be dropping £624 over the year on your extra-fast broadband, before any setup or connection fees…

Do policemen dream of electric sheep?


A traffic jam caused by a runaway sheep in North Wales was solved by police using a Taser. The police offer in question, when faced with the problem of how to move a sheep out of the road, inexplicably decided the best course of action was to pull out his “non-lethal” electricity stun gun, zap the poor beast, and carry it to the side of the road, still twitching…

Google Maps adds live traffic info for England


In all honesty, I thought this feature was already active, but then I don’t drive, so what do I know? Nothing, clearly. Anyway. The Google Maps team has added live traffic information to major roads in England. Just England – no Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland just yet.

If you enable this layer on your maps, it’ll tell you what traffic conditions are currently like, as well as predicting what traffic will be like at any particular day and time, based on past conditions. Nice, Google. Now roll out Street View, please.

Google Maps UK

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British village wants to opt out of GPS system

gps-wedmore-removed.jpgLorries. Lots of lorrries. Lorries facing the wrong way and having to turn around in their back yards. Angry lorry drivers. Life turned LIVING HELL.

Those are the mass complaints of the inhabitants of the once-sleepy village of Wedmore – a village which has been turned into a HELL HOLE thanks to the amount of traffic GPS systems are throwing through its narrow streets…

Wayfinder launches SpeedAlert: safety camera warning system for mobile phone


Wayfinder has announced the launch of its SpeedAlert speed detection tool, that will turn any mobile phone into a speed and safety camera detector.

The SpeedAlert software can be downloaded over-the-air to a mobile phone, with no need for a PC, and once running needs no further input from the driver.

It uses GPS to note the car’s position in relation to its database of over 17,000 safety camera locations, and can give visual and audible warnings of approaching traffic observation areas, including speed and red-light cameras.