Vote for your favourite tech or online god in Time Magazine's Top 100 Most Influential poll


Time has put their annual top 100 Most Influential People poll online, with readers asked to vote on over 200 finalists.

As expected, the likes of Barack Obama, the Dalai Lama and…George Clooney all feature, but many tech maestros are featured predominantly too. It’s tough choosing between Microsoft lads Paul Allen, Steve Ballmer and Bill Gates, but what about Steve Jobs or Michael Dell?

Then there are the usual online characters, including Mark Zuckerberg, Matt Drudge,…

Microsoft and sex expert Tracey Cox's top tips for hot webcamming action this V-day

Microsoft and sex/love expert Tracey Cox have teamed up to express their worry over those indulging in a spot of internet dating whilst webcamming this Valentine’s Day – use protection, they cry!

To support the launch of Microsoft’s new range of webcams – the VX-7000, VX-6000, NX-6000 and NX-3000 – Tracey and her heaving bosoms want you to know that you should always…

Check what’s in view

People will make assumptions about you simply by looking at the things you own, so make sure everything in view sends the signals you want to send. If you’re keen to promote a certain image – like be seen as intelligence, for instance, make sure a pile of books are in view. If you want to be seen as artistic, put a painting directly behind you.

Along with…