UK Twitter lovers lament demise of SMS reception, start Facebook campaign

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twitter_cross_mobile_phone.jpgIt’s a sad day for those of us in the UK who use Twitter for something useful while mobile, and have placed reliance on receiving updates via text message: Twitter has killed the service. Dead.

With no warning, they announced that “Twitter is no longer delivering outbound SMS over [the] UK number”.

While this isn’t much of a problem for people

  • with iPhones;
  • who only receive tweets about what their friends had for breakfast;
  • with a boss getting mighty annoyed at all these text messages coming in;
  • who don’t get out much;
  • who don’t use Twitter

it is proving a problem for “power Twitter users” who have felt compelled to start a Facebook campaign aimed at UK mobile operators, who are the bad guys for not giving Twitter a better deal. Some users would even be happy to pay to receive texts. That’s dedication for you.

Creator of the group, Paul Bradshaw, writes, “After all, if we can’t receive tweets via text, we ain’t gonna be sending them via text.” I’m not convinced, Paul. This way, I can continue to send out drivel via text and not have to read anyone else’s. Result.

For anyone with an unlimited data plan, there are plenty of mobile web Twitter solutions for most operating systems and handsets.

Oh, and for the record, Tech Digest continues to tweet. We don’t let a few technical hardships thwart us.

Does this affect you? Are you a major Twitter user relying on SMS to get you through the day, or are you really not bothered?

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