Optoma EW330 – Smallest widescreen projector in the world… EVER!

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This is the Optoma EW330, which I had the pleasure of seeing in the flesh (or, I suppose, in the plastic) this morning. Although it’s tiny (the smallest widescreen projector in the world, for the moment), it’s remarkably powerful, throwing 2200 Lumens out, which should be more than enough to see clearly in a well-lit environment like an office or a meeting room.

It’s also just 1.2kg, and 21cm x 15cm, so it’s small and light enough to cart around with you in your bag. Or, if your bag is already full of hamsters or something, then it comes with a “luxury carry case”.

Native resolution of this baby is 1280 x 800 pixels and it’s got a 2000:1 contrast ratio, so your presentations, or holiday snaps, will look pretty crisp. On the back it’s got USB, VGA, HDMI, S-Video and Composite Video connectivity. It also comes with a remote with an inbuilt laser pointer, so you can pretend to be a sniper. Bonus.

Also being released at the same time as the EW330 are a few other models. There’s the HD800X LV, which shows some quite incredible detail at long range thanks to its native HD1080p resultion. There’s the consumer-targetted all-in-one DV11 which comes with speakers and a DVD player inbuilt. Lastly there’s the EX525ST, which is a short-throw projector, meaning that it can throw a 60″ image from just 29″ away from a wall. That one comes with speakers too.

The tiny EW330 will cost you £800 or so. The HD800X LV is about £950. The DV11 is much cheaper at £450, and the EX525ST will set you back a shade under £600.


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