CES 2010: Final Thoughts

The Consumer Electronics show, the behemoth of tech, the Valhalla of gadgetry, has come and gone for yet another year. But this time, rather than arriving with a bang, it slinked into sight with something more like a whimper. CES…

CES 2010: Day 1 Round-Up

With CES 2010 now well under way, it can be pretty tough keeping track of all the latest announcements. Here's Tech Digest's round-up of the of best Day 1 at CES 2010 so far, including all the news from the…

Mr Men and Little Miss Celebrity podcasts raise money for Variety Club

variety_club_mister_men_podcast.gifMaybe it’s because I’m feeling nostalgic (caught Danger Mouse and Top Cat on daytime telly today) and charitable, but here’s another story that caught my eye today: Mr Men and Little Miss celebrity charity podcasts.

Six of the UK’s favourite celebrities — Tony “Time Team” Robinson, Joanna “Ab Fab” Lumley, Wendy “Pauline Fowler” Richard (shall I stop this now?), Neil Fox, Ben Shephard, and John Simm — will record a Mr Men or a Little Miss story podcast in order to raise money for the Variety Club.