Opinion: freesat confusion and secrecy is hurting the brand and stifling competition


freesat, the free-to-air satellite service due to launch in a matter of weeks, is a great idea and one that many people are looking forward to, but the organisation is behaving as if the pre-launch phase is a covert military operation, and that’s hurting the brand.

Last week we wrote about the launch of Hauppauge’s USB2 tuner that should be able to receive the freesat signal via a compatible satellite connection. That’s not how freesat sees it

Toshiba adds five new models to their Satellite Pro range – the L300, L300D, M300, U400 and L350


Rolling out the Satellite Pro laptops like they’re going out of fashion (which all laptops are, really), Toshiba has announced five new models.

Priced from $699 upwards, all models feature DVD SuperMulti drives, TruBrite widescreens, 1.3-megapixel webcams and microphones, plus the choice of Windows XP or Windows Vista….

The Carphone Warehouse offers own-branded navigation app for BlackBerry Curve 8130 handsets

The Carphone Warehouse stocks mobile phones other than the iPhone, remember? I know it’s hard, but cast your minds back to when they were none for stocking all manner of handsets, and not just the Apple mobile. Remember the BlackBerry Curve 8310? You better, as The Carphone Warehouse has some exciting news for potential buyers of this smartphone.

They’ve just selected Telmap…

Mio C720t GPS system features a digital camera for image navigation

mio-c720t-gps.jpgYou can always tell when we consider a product we’re writing about just a tad bit boring, as we minimise the size of the picture and shove it off to the left like so. Sadly, 450pixels-wide pictures of GPS systems just don’t work as well as iRobot ConnectRs.

Mio’s latest GPS navigation device, the C720t features a digital camera – 2-megapixels to be exact – which allow you to embed GPS coordinates into an image and help you find your way back to the location as if it were an address. Navigadget, the site where we stole this story fromare kindly linking back to, claim…