Samson's G-Track features the first USB condenser microphone, perfect for X Factor hopefuls

samson%20USB%20mic-photo.jpgFancy looking like that in your bedroom? It can be possible, with Samson’s G-Track USB microphone, however painfully-professional-howl not included.

It’s a complete condenser microphone, and the world’s first USB-capable one, at that. It’s everything you need to be the next Mike Skinner and record your debut album from your wardrobe, with an in-built audio interface and mixer. All you need to do is connect it to your chosen instrument (it…

EasyCallRecording launches in the UK, making recording personal phone calls easy

cans-string.jpgA new telephone service has launched today that does “exactly what it says on the tin”. EasyCallRecording is an easy way to record personal telephone calls, without having to invest in costly equipment, or hold a dictaphone up to the handset (yes, I have done it).

By simply dialling the service’s telephone number before the person you want to call, it’s possible to record and store important telephone conversations.