Sennheiser launches high-end in-ear phones


Sennheiser has announced a new professional line of in-ear earphones, the IE series, offering high quality, accurate sound for a range of budgets (well, except under £120).

The Sennheiser IE 6 are hi-fi earphones with enhanced bass and come in at £119.99. The Sennheiser IE 7 are classic hi-fi earphones with a balanced sound, for £169.99, while the top-of-line IE 8s are aimed at audiophiles and cost £249.99.

All feature high-end, accurate, pro-grade audio and are based on Sennheiser’s in-ear stage monitors, having a single driver to eliminate distortions, strong Kevlar cabling, metal carry cases, and a two year guarantee.

Sony intros new range of headphones: MDR-EX700LP, MDR-AS, PFR-V1


Sony has introduced a range of new headphones boasting “audacious styling” and advanced technology. Unfortunately, they’re still as heavy on the unmemorable product names.

The MDR-EX700LP in-ear headphones feature a 16mm driver unit, which Sony claims is the largest of any in-ear headphone design, plus vertical driver orientation, multi-layer diaphragm designed for greater stiffness and elimination of distortion, and seven sizes of hybrid silicone earbuds to give the perfect, custom fit.

They come with a premium leather carry case.