Sony intros new range of headphones: MDR-EX700LP, MDR-AS, PFR-V1

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sony_MDR-EX700LP_headphones.jpgSony has introduced a range of new headphones boasting “audacious styling” and advanced technology. Unfortunately, they’re still as heavy on the unmemorable product names.

The MDR-EX700LP in-ear headphones feature a 16mm driver unit, which Sony claims is the largest of any in-ear headphone design, plus vertical driver orientation, multi-layer diaphragm designed for greater stiffness and elimination of distortion, and seven sizes of hybrid silicone earbuds to give the perfect, custom fit.

They come with a premium leather carry case.

sony_MDR-AS100W_headphones.jpgThe MDR-AS (Active Series) are tough, flexible in-ear headphones featuring a secure ear fit and anodised finish.

They feature a 13.5mm driver unit, a shock absorbing system, moisture guard mechanism, and single-sided cord. The top-of-range MDR-AS100W and lower-end model MDR-AS40EX are both aimed at those wanting good personal audio while exercising.

sony_PFR-V1_headphones.jpgFinally, the PFR-V1 Personal Field Speakers are open design headphones featuring audiophile grade front facing speakers, a separate bass reflex duct for natural, extended low frequency response, and minimised sound leakage. A pair of spherical driver units directly facing the ear deliver high and midrange frequencies.

All headphones will be available from April, prices to be confirmed.

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