Should Sony be launching the ICF-ClipMK2 iPhone clock radio dock? Anyone?

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<img style=”margin:5px; float: left;alt=”sony-iphone-dock.jpg” src=”” width=”254″ height=”175″ />Well now, this is a conflict of interest if ever I saw one. Why is Sony, who has a successful Sony Ericsson handset range, and (ok, a not-so-successful) Sony Walkman range, making an iPhone clock radio dock? Have they wired it so that the iPhone will explode once docked in the device, so users will be forced to buy Sony products to replace the iPhone?

It’s not just the concept which is strange – the model name, ICF-ClipMK2 isn’t particularly easy to rattle off the tongue, either. Still, for the iPhone users who’re wanting to wake up to their favourite mellow morning tracks, the alarm clock will definitely ‘do’. Available from May it will cost $100 in the US, however UK pricing isn’t as yet confirmed.

Sony (via iPhonic)

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  • I really appreciate your work, you have been a great contributor and always share news that I can’t find on other resources.

  • Nice to find steroe compatible to Sony Walkman..great for listening and not to have to wear earphones…speakers are not as loud as I anticipated but a good product none the less.

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  • Hey, Sony is pumping it up in the design stakes again. That’s GOOD news. They used to be market leaders.

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