Sennheiser launches high-end in-ear phones

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sennheiser-ie7-in-ear-earphones.jpgSennheiser has announced a new professional line of in-ear earphones, the IE series, offering high quality, accurate sound for a range of budgets (well, except under £120).

The Sennheiser IE 6 are hi-fi earphones with enhanced bass and come in at £119.99. The Sennheiser IE 7 are classic hi-fi earphones with a balanced sound, for £169.99, while the top-of-line IE 8s are aimed at audiophiles and cost £249.99.

All feature high-end, accurate, pro-grade audio and are based on Sennheiser’s in-ear stage monitors, having a single driver to eliminate distortions, strong Kevlar cabling, metal carry cases, and a two year guarantee.

Sennheiser is keen to point out that the single drive unit uses advanced technology dynamic transducers that cover the entire frequency range and remove the problems of phase and distortion that multiple drive units can introduce.

The units come with ear adapters for the perfect fit. Not only does this make the earphones more comfortable but it provides up to 26dB of external noise isolation.

More information available from Sennheiser

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