Nintendo launches Walk with me! – the latest product name with an exclamation mark


walkers.jpgNintendo is continuing in its capture of the middle aged market with the release of a walking “game” for the DS in February.

Walk with me! comes with two pedometers called Activity Meters that by all accounts you have to slip in your pocket to use. Just one of these will record the number of steps minute by minute and stores the data for seven days. Once you get home you point the Activity Meter at you DS, press a button and it’s all uploaded to compare with your other family members and share online with the worldwide Walk with me! community. Lucky you.

Sound like fun? No, I wasn’t hugely impressed either but then I think I have a grudge against the DS ever since it told me I had the brain of an 80-year-old.

Walk with me! is availble from 20th February across Europe and it comes with all sorts of mini-games and a price as yet to be revealed. If you’re looking for something this side of Christmas, there’s a DS bundle in our Top 100 Christmas presents feature and some rather splendid advice from Chris over at Wii Wii.

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