Squint at a classic book on your Nintendo DS


100-classic-books-nintendo-ds.jpgWhen you’re not crossing animals or looking after your Nintendog, you might like to brush up on a spot of classic literature with the 100 Classic Books software.

The application does exactly what it says on the box – lets you read a load of classic books on the pocket console.

While the DS’s screen is no match for the likes of the Sony Reader, BeBook, or Amazon Kindle, it might be worth getting if you want to enjoy a sneaky Dickens, Shakespeare or Melville on the Tube.

Available from Boxing Day

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Andy Merrett
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One thought on “Squint at a classic book on your Nintendo DS

  • I’m not sure that most people know this…… But if you buy an R4 (illegal cartridge that lets you download DS games onto a micro SD card and play them on your DS), you will know that this has already been created years ago, and the books are unlimited with the R4DS.

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