Nintendo's Wii "aids bonding" and will bring about an end to all crime and dysfunction


It’s Happy News Friday! When you spend all of Saturday night playing Wii Sports or Smash Bros. or whatever it is people do with their Wiis other than put them away in cupboards until next Christmas, you’re not just playing a game – you’re making a difference.

A survey by stat-counter GfK NOP found that 83% of people in the UK think Wii “increases family interaction” thanks to its collection of simplistic party games that even Great Uncle Wilfred can manage to play after half a bottle of whiskey…

Facebook "dipping" craze afflicting the wealthy – pool owners should be "extra vigilant"


Dipping is, apparently, the HOT NEW TREND among spoilt rich kids who live in the sort of areas where the neighbours all have swimming pools.

The Telegraph reports that youths – no doubt off their heads on alcopops and Skittles – have taken to tracking down nearby swimming pools on Google Earth, then organising midnight swim-meets in them with friends through crime-enabler Facebook…

Another 'world's first', Parrot announces NFC-enabled PARTY Black Edition speaker system


Parrot has squawked back onto our radar with the announcement of their PARTY Black Edition speaker system, which supposedly integrates Near Field Communication for easy and fast streaming from the source to the system.

Adopting the fancy ‘touch’ word that’s become synonymous with stylish and innovative technology, the user simply has to touch a Bluetooth-enabled source like a mobile phone, MP3 player or computer to the 650g system…

Only for the obsessed: round-up of the worldwide Halo 3 on Xbox 360 video game launches

Curse living in the UK! As if not having peanut butter M&Ms, GAP Sweatshirts and more TV channels than you can poke a stick at isn’t enough, the US also got their hands on Halo 3 a full day ahead of us. And it’s not just the Yanks we’re sending virtual envious glares at, it’s also the suntanned Kiwis and Aussies who are crossed off our Christmas card lists too. Bah humbug.

Not that us folk living in the UK and Europe have that much longer to wait, as the hugely-anticipated Game Of The Year is dropping into town tonight, with 1,000 stores across the UK extending their opening hours for the hordes of sweaty gamers expected. Of course, some of you may already have finished the last chapter in the trilogy by Bungie, as both Tesco and Argos somehow ‘accidentally’ managed to sell copies before the launch date. “Oh, sorry, mister, a unicorn ran into the store, grabbed several copies from the box, and placed them on the shelf, I didn’t know what to do!”

Let’s take a look at some of the carnage Halo 3 fanboys have wreaked across stores in the US, Australia and New Zealand in the last 12 hours or so…