Rumour: Hulu to be offered on Xbox 360

hulu-uk copy.jpg

Could Hulu, the mega-popular VoD service be coming to an Xbox near you? Maybe, if you live in the US.

After Microsoft and BSkyB announced they would be teaming up to offer Sky content on Xbox 360s in the UK, murmurs that a similar service might appear stateside with NewsCorp’s US based VoD being offered on US Xboxs, although nothing official has been announced.

However if you live on the right side of the Atlantic is may be some time yet before you see Hulu on your Microsoft console, although plans to bring Hulu and its wealth of American content to British viewers are afoot.

The proposed service in the UK would pick up the baton from the VoD none-starter that was Kangaroo. Sky opposed the service which would have seen the BBC, ITV and Channel 4 offering content on one online platform. But with Hulu the potential for a single consolidated UK VoD service looks oddly probable, while also offering about 125 days of US content.

But, if and when Hulu does come to the UK, it’ll surely be a while till it finds its way to your 360.

(Via ITProPortal)

Top ten tech advancements in Olympic coverage

One of the three themes of the Beijing Olympics is to make it a “High-tech Olympics.” But how will this benefit the viewing public? Here are the top ten innovations that will improve coverage.

1_ panasonic_viera_internet_link_hdtv.jpg

1. HD coverage
For the first time, the Olympics will be available in HD. In fact, the entire event is being produced in HD, although obviously you will only get the full effect of this if you have an HD-ready TV. Visit this page if you’re still unsure about HDTV, or if you’re looking to enter the HD world in time for the Olympics, check out this rather neat HANNSpree 19-inch HDTV, which is perfect as a smart TV for the bedroom – after all, the time difference means that some events will be on whilst you would usually be tucked up in bed…

Battlestar Galactica Cylon Toaster is not quite the best frakkin' thing since sliced bread


The Sci-Fi Channel has created a special limited edition run of Battlestar Galactica toasters for the San Diego Comic-Con. The smooth lines and shiny silver finish tie in neatly with the re-imagined series’ Cylon concepts, and it sports the Battlestar Galctica branding. However, the lack of a red light slowly panning from side to side accompanied by a sinister hum feels like a very serious oversight. Come on, how much extra would a few red LEDs have cost?

Hulu, purported 'YouTube killer' to show Heroes and 24 for free, and legally

hula-hoop.jpgKiller this, killer that, blah blah blah this site will kill off that site, aren’t we all getting a bit sick of these murderous new sites and products? Still, it’s Halloween, so a good time to report on a potential YouTube ‘killer’, Hulu.

From today, the site being backed by NBC Universal and News Corp., will begin a private beta, featuring content from Sony Pictures Television, and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios Inc. When it fully launches, it’ll be free to viewers, with revenue being made through advertising on the 90-odd TV shows. Big-name shows such as Heroes, House, 24 and The Simpsons will be featured alongside retro throw-backs like Miami Vice and…

Will ad-funded TV streams kill off the video download market?

stu-mugshot2.jpgStuart Dredge writes…

There’s no shortage of big firms trying to sell us video downloads, including Apple and Microsoft. In theory, they should be pushing at an open door. Faster broadband connections are more widespread, devices like Apple TV make it easy to watch these downloads on our proper TVs, and more people have video iPods or PMPs to watch these vids on the go, too.