Digital video camera / MP3 player hybrid has balls


Have you ever wanted a tiny digital video camera, that’s about the size of a ping-pong ball, with built in MP3 player? No, me neither, but that doesn’t seem to have stopped the DVR Camball getting through the focus groups.

It’s a brave device. Perhaps something a film maker might call “avante-garde”, and what the rest of us would call “weird”. And for some reason they decided to make it spherical too…

Speedo's Aquabeat waterproof MP3 player – good for up to three metres down


Here’s something to keep Michael Phelps entertained while he waits for those other losers to finish – a waterproof MP3 player.

Phelps could lie back, lift up his size 28 feet and listen to the American National Anthem on his stylish Aquabeat, while he politely waits for for silver and bronze to splash their way slowly toward him.

The Speedo player beats other so-called waterproof devices by being fully submersible up to a depth of three meters…

Dell WANTS IN on the MP3 player and music retailing scene?


Box-shifter par excellence Dell is planning to enter the MP3 player market, according to a bit of sniffing around from the Wall Street Journal.

The WSJ reckons that Dell wants a bit of the lucrative music retailing pie as well, so is planning to launch what industry experts will be calling an “iTunes killer” alongside its alleged range of players…