Microsoft to re-brand Live Search as 'Kumo'?


There’s some rumblings going around that Microsoft’s intending to re-brand its unpopular search engine as ‘Kumo’. There’s no question that Microsoft wants to claw back some of Google’s insane market share, but is this really the best way to do it?

‘Kumo’ means cloud, or spider, in Japanese. Both of those words have direct relevance to search engines. The rumours have come about because control of the domain has just passed to Microsoft, and the word was one of several (also including ‘Bing’ and ‘Hook’) that Microsoft was considering a few weeks back for a rebrand.

Microsoft needs to do something to reinvigorate its search offering, but I really can’t see someone picking to use “Kumo” over “Windows Live Search” simply because the former has a (questionably) better name.

Live Search (via LiveSide)

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Microsoft pushing Live Search through bribery: win prizes at John Lewis


Live Search must really be suffering at the moment, as Microsoft is teaming up with John Lewis to give away thousands of pounds worth of prizes over Christmas just for using the search engine. launched today, and Microsoft will be hoping that this marketing push will be as successful as the first one it ran, that allegedly saw search queries increase by a third during the eight-week promotion. No stats on how many people defected back to Google afterwards, though.

Each time someone searches for something, two virtual cards are turned over. If they match, it’s “Snap!”, and a prize is won. Bearing in mind that there are only 24 prizes each day, don’t expect to win a flurry of prizes…

Microsoft to use Facebook to extend Live Search reach


Now that Microsoft has abandoned its attempts to grab a piece of Yahoo search pie, it’s looking for new ways to make sure Live Search is down with you crazy social networking kids. Naturally, that involves crowbarring it into the social networking website of the hour, Facebook (in which the Redmond Giant has a 1.6% share), in the hope that someone will use by accident and even decide they like it.

HP and Microsoft make Live Search deal


Even when Microsoft is prepared to offer real cash money back to you for using its search engine, it seems that some people are having trouble making the right decisions. Not to worry though – Microsoft has a fool proof plan to ensure that every new PC user chooses Windows Live Search. The Redmond Giant has signed a deal with Hewlett-Packard to embed a Live Search toolbar on all new consumer PCs in North America from next year.

Microsoft reinventing Live Search – celeb gossip, maps and books updated to battle the Google machine


Keen to move itself up the public’s list of places they go to find stuff, Microsoft has today revealed a massive rethink and retooling of its Live Search portal.

The headline change – and the one that’ll make you go “Ooh!” the most is its new Live Search Video, which now includes a “motion thumbnail” – a mini 30 second preview of the video on the search result page. Try it here. Hover your mouse over the search results…