Microsoft pushing Live Search through bribery: win prizes at John Lewis


bigsnapii.pngLive Search must really be suffering at the moment, as Microsoft is teaming up with John Lewis to give away thousands of pounds worth of prizes over Christmas just for using the search engine. launched today, and Microsoft will be hoping that this marketing push will be as successful as the first one it ran, that allegedly saw search queries increase by a third during the eight-week promotion. No stats on how many people defected back to Google afterwards, though.

Each time someone searches for something, two virtual cards are turned over. If they match, it’s “Snap!”, and a prize is won. Bearing in mind that there are only 24 prizes each day, don’t expect to win a flurry of prizes.

If you want to give it a try, you’ve got until 5th January before it turns back into boring old “Live Search without any hope of winning prizes”.

Still feeling the need to run a few cheeky Google searches now and again, just to be sure Microsoft hasn’t cleansed some bit of the Internet you were hoping to see? That’s OK… we won’t tell them.


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Andy Merrett
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