HP and Microsoft make Live Search deal


live_search_logo.jpgEven when Microsoft is prepared to offer real cash money back to you for using its search engine, it seems that some people are having trouble making the right decisions. Not to worry though – Microsoft has a fool proof plan to ensure that every new PC user chooses Windows Live Search. The Redmond Giant has signed a deal with Hewlett-Packard to embed a Live Search toolbar on all new consumer PCs in North America from next year.

“This is the most significant distribution deal for Live Search that Microsoft has ever done,” said Kevin Johnson, president of Microsoft’s platform and services division. He did not disclose the terms of the agreement.

Live Search will also be set up as the default search engine on the accompanying browser. Naturally Microsoft expects this to help drive a larger number of users to using Live Search and to help raise its market share in the search engine wars. It will probably also lead to Microsoft handling a large number of searches for the word ‘Google’.

Fortunately though, Live Search isn’t the only technology to benefit from the deal. The Search Bar will be built with the Silverlight plugin, so it should also improve the uptake of Microsoft’s Flash-competitor as well.

Finally, the toolbar will also be used to house buttons that will guide users to various HP services, such as Snapfish and customer service. Oh, I get it now. It’s a big chunk of bloatware. Well, that’s fine then; you can ditch that along with all the subscription virus checkers and photo managers and Microsoft Works and all the other crap that PC manufacturers inflict on hapless customers in hope of squeezing out an extra quid or two post-sales.

The deal currently only covers North America.

Live Search (via Reuters)

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