Playing Halo is as addictive as heroin or crack cocaine, says judge in Halo killer case


Or rather stopping playing Halo is as hard as giving up heroin or crack cocaine, according to the judge handling the case of Daniel Petric, who said “When you stop [playing the game], your brain won’t stand for it, just as it wouldn’t stand for it when you quit using heroin or crack cocaine” when summing up the case.

The judge ruled that 17-year-old Petric was guilty of killing his mum and attempting to kill his dad, after they tried to stop him playing Halo so much by confiscating the disc. Yes, really…

DEADLY GADGETS: Foot massager


The innocent-looking foot massager above is no ordinary foot massager. It’s a killer. Manufacturer Matoba Electric has the deaths of three people on its conscience, after each tried to use the Shape-up Roller 2 on their neck or shoulders.

It’s a bit confusing, but the victims seem to have removed the device’s cloth cover, but then got their collar stuck in the machine as it continued to rotate, putting pressure on their windpipe and leading to death from asphyxiation. The company has since issued an official warning and told people to RTFM, which clearly states not to remove the cover.

Matoba Electric (via Crunchgear)

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HTC Diamond Vs. Apple iPhone – the ultimate specs comparison


The Touch Diamond handset was announced on Tuesday by HTC, and as expected, every blog and newspaper is calling it the first real ‘iPhone killer’. And here was me thinking we’d expired that term!

Obviously, the Diamond and iPhone have some similarities (even hired similar hand-models!), but the main difference which is dividing everyone’s affections boils down to the original format wars – Mac vs. PC. Want a concise break-down of the pros and cons of each mobile? Whoomp, there it is – below the jump…