Video: Flash-touting HP Slate offers iPad-killing"full web browsing experience"

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If you’re one of the many a bit miffed that Apple wont be embracing Flash support nor multi-tasking in their upcoming iPad tablet, take a look at this video demo of the HP Slate by Alan Tam from Adobe Flash’s product marketing team.

He shows the 10 inch iPad rival running a multi-tasking Windows 7 OS, as well as packing full support for Adobe’s Flash software.

“With this slate product, you’re getting a full web browsing experience in the palm of your hand,” said Phil McKinney, the vice president and chief technology officer for HP’s personal system group on the HP blog.

“No watered-down internet, no sacrifices,” he continues, an obvious swipe at the reception given to Apple’s Flash-lacking tablet.

“Chip and screen advancements have given us the ability to create a product that can hit a size, weight, battery life and price point that will make this product a mainstream offering,” the HP rep concluded.

Apple may have the advantage by being the first to hit the market (no release date has yet been set for the HP Slate), but if the legions of non-plussed iPad followers are anything to go by, HP’s Slate may yet be a real rival for the Cupertino crown.

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