"Xbox 360" graphics on phones by the end of the year


Cor. I remember when playing colour Solitaire on my phone was cutting edge, but if you believe the words of Remi Pederson, a graphics product manager at ARM, we could be enjoying Xbox 360 style visuals from our mobile screens by the end of 2009.

Given that Xbox 360s are prone to overheating and dying a horrible death (mine shuffled off its mortal coil for a second time this weekend), does this mean we’re all going to be heading to the burn ward after an extended commute? Probably not. You see, although the visuals will look similar to the 360’s, they’ll actually be closer to original Xbox in output.

AMD launches ATI Radeon HD 4550 and HD 4350, for fans of graphics on a budget


ATI’s been busy thinking up new ways to offer slightly different packages of graphics cards, and the result is two new “entry level” boards sitting in the 4000 range.

The HD 4550 is the star performer, offering an extremely impressive 512MB of DDR3 RAM for a US price of $59. The HD 4350 is the cheaper-still 256MB version, weighing it at $39. Both have HDMI outs, so are ideal if you’re after a cheap solution in the home cinema playback realm…

Crysis Warhead revolutionises the settings menu


The forthcoming expansion pack to Crysis, Crysis Warhead has taken a novel approach to graphics settings. No, they haven’t toned the graphics card-busting credentials of the series down so that normal people can play the shooter, they’ve simply re-named the graphics setting labels to reflect the type of person that you are….