Wired forgets core readership, publishes lame stereotype 'Geekster Handbook' feature


Brought to my attention by Gizmodo, I am simply appalled by this feature Wired has published not just online, but in their latest issue, too. As a longtime fan of Wired magazine, reading it for over four years now, I’m shocked at how they could misrepresent and alienate their core readership in a blatant attempt at linkbaiting.

Is anyone else getting fed up with how the mainstream public has opened their arms to the big ‘G’ word, and any old internet-user with a Mac or a penchant for shopping at Threadless describes themselves as one? Do you think any of the American Apparel models stereotypes in the picture above, courtesy of Wired, got ostracised in school for spending every lunchtime in the library, reading X-Files books, and preferred racing home to play PC games instead of partaking in after-school basketball lessons? Doubt it…

Everyone's favourite geek toy just got scarier: Lost characters as Kubricks


Now these are flippin’ scary, and rather expensive too, at ¥14,979 (£74) for the above boxset, which contains seven characters from Lost.

I can see Jack, Sawyer looks dead-realistic, as do Sayid, a trim-looking Hurley, very bald Locke, and ‘ya’ll everybody’-singing Charlie. But please don’t tell me that’s Kate, squeezed in between her two men, Jack and Sawyer? I knew she had butch arms, but jeepers…