Show off your inner geek with the Star Trek Classic Communicator


star_trek_communicator.jpgDo you have a thing for pointy ears, tight-fitting nylon tops and tat from the Sunday supplements? Then it’s a fair guess that you are a Trekkie – and potential punter for the Star Trek Classic Communicator.

Just think of the excitement and envy all around when you whip out your Communicator at the next convention, with its flip grill, authentic lights and sounds, ‘hailing function’ and over 20 sound effects and phrases like ‘Spock here, Captain’, ‘Scotty here, Captain’, ‘Transporter room ready to beam up’ and…numerous others you’ll no doubt know, love and recite often.

Available now, you can pick one up from ThinkGeek for $29.99 (around £15).

ThinkGeek (via Retro To Go)

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